Useful info about Sargodha Pakistan the City of Eagles

Posted on May 6 2014 - 7:34am by visitpak

It is referred to as the “City of EagIes”. I’m pleased with my city because it has national and international importance. Sargodha (سرگودھا) has Pakistan’s largest operational air station named Mushaf (مصحف), as a result of ideal geographical location, British Royal Air Force created the air station at this city.

It was prime target of Asian country particularly in 1965 war, the national of Sargodha supported Asian country Army during 1965 war, while not getting any monetary profit in form of regular payment etc. it’s air station bury faculty also named as Mushaf, this college is supplying many cadets every year. The admission criterion in this faculty is incredibly powerful and competitive.

Sargodha is that the country’s Headquarter of Dar e Arqam group of Schools. Government faculty Sargodha has been upgraded as University of Sargodha. This Public Sector University has distinctive quality of education. The government has created Ravi Medical College at Sargodha.

It is the Divisional Headquarters as a result of that it’s its own Board of Intermediate and pedagogy besides alternative divisional offices and establishments. This Division has four districts named Sargodha, Mianwali (میانوالی), Khushab (خوشاب) and Bhakkar (بھکر). District Sargodha has six tehsils named Sargodha, Bhalwal(بھلوال), Shahpur (شاہپور), Sahiwal (ساہیوال), Sillanwali (سلانوالی) and Kotmomin (کوٹ مومن).

It has Pakistan’s best Citrus producing space. It plays its vital role in exchange by exporting its Citrus merchandise. Sargodha Textile Mills and midday Sugar Mills also are earning exchange through their finished merchandise. The duty opportunities have also been provided by the aforementioned mills.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr. Feroze Khan Noon belonged to Tehsil Bhalwal, Sargodha. It has its range of mountains these chains of mountains are known as Kirana range. This mountain provides a natural beauty for native also as tourists.

The business of stone crushing is also a source of financial gain, employment for local community. Sargodha supplies very best quality of crushed stone everywhere the country. Like alternative giant industrial cities, It has its own Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and business. It is 11th largest city of the country and its population is 542,603.