The well of King Akbar and Giri Mosque near Islamabad

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 7:58am by visitpak

The soils of Pakistan carry many historical places on its face. The Abkar Badsha Dakhu or the Well of King Akbar is another example of it. Akbar was a ruler of Subcontinent and belongs to the Mughal tribe. Most amazing thing about this place is its distance from the Islamabad. This place is just 6 kilo meters away from the Capital city of Pakistan and situated on the old path of Margalla hills.

A large number of wells were dug by the Muslim rulers to facilitate the General public and travelers. This well of King Akbar is living example of that gesture. Just few meters up at the Kukkar Dakoh or the cock hill this well is situated. The local public relates this well with the King Akbar.

This well is not a deep one like the well you find in the Rohtas fort. It is much smaller than it and steps are available to reach the bottom. This feature is same like the well of Rohtas fort of Jhelum. Stairs could be used to reach the underground water. Safety was not forgotten in its construction and you could see those stone blocks and curly stones in between the walls.

History shows that those kinds of wells also use to provide the waters to troops or army of the Kings. This could be dug on Margalla hills when few troops were passing over this area. Few other wells could be found on the Grand Trunk or G.T Road in Punjab province. These wells recall the era of Mughal Kings.

Walking on the same way to the Giri there is Mosque. This Mosque is supposed to be the first one in this area. It is said that Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi built this Mosque in the year 1015 when he conquered this area and spread the Islam. Foundations are the only it’s remaining though to watch. The whole structure of this Mosque was collapsed due to changing in climate.

Another Mosque of Khurram Paracha is situated near to it which is used by the local community. This place is very near to the Capital city of Pakistan. Reach and explore it whenever you get chance.

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