The actual Salt Range along with Khewra Salt mines, info with guide

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Slicing through the Punjab plain, via Jhelum town around the Grand Trunk Road westwards for you to Mianwali along with Kala Bagh around the Indus, usually are 2 minimal stages involving hills, exclusive for the span involving geological record which often reposes inside them.

The actual Salt Range got its name from the Khewra Salt mines, substantial deposits involving steel sodium put aside during 100 million years because silt from the Indus filled inside substantial maritime depressive disorders of which today varieties these Indus plains and also the Potwar Skill level.

Distinctively-colored inside peculiar reds, vegetables, greys along with browns, this covers of those desolate-looking hills usually are amazingly lush along with fertile which often verdant job areas, blossom-filled orchards along with glistering streams, communities along with town usually are lined using low light banyan timber along with mango groves.

Within 326 previous to Christ, Alexander may possess crossed on the Nandana Paass towards Jhelum River to arrange intended for his or her impressive battle with Porus. Undoubtedly, not many years after, this Salt Range had been portion of Ashoka’s great Mauryan Empire. In Ketas you’ll find this is always involving Stupa he or she is believed to possess designed.

Whenever Hsuan Tsang been to this region inside 631 (AD), he discovered the idea part of the Singhapure kingdom involving Kashmir along with had been not impressed. “The local weather will be frosty; individuals usually are tough along with value very the quality of courage, along with additionally these is very much offered deceit”.

Merely inside ninth centuries, nevertheless, performed this Salt array or Khewra Salt mines acquire any kind of authentic relevance. The majority of the forts along with temples belong to actually, day from the Hindu Shahi period of this ninth for you to 10th ages.

During 11th centuries, this Janjua group, the key ethnic class inside central Salt Range or Khewra Salt mines, changed into Islam underneath Mahmud involving Ghazni, along with have been still left free of charge, left over inside power until the nineteenth centuries whenever they succumbed towards Sikhs.

How you can get to with Khewra Salt mines:

About three tracks from the Imperial Interstate, today this Grand Trunk Road, just about all converge with Chakwal and Khewra Salt mines, the generate of around 2 hours via Islamabad.

The first, together an unmarked correct flip, is just soon after Rawat whole village, 30 km’s (18 miles) via absolutely nothing Stage, Islamabad. Comply with this specific intended for 6 km’s (4 miles). Then consider the correct derive for you to Chakwal. Following 60 km’s (38 miles) anyone flip directly into the town.

The second path, past the whole village involving Mandra, will be forty five km’s (25 miles) via Islamabad. There’s the cigarette smoking manufacturing plant ahead of anyone get to this switch off.

Another path qualified prospects journey highway 71 km’s (44 miles) via Islamabad.

In which to stay in Khewra Salt mines:

Salt Office relaxation home, Khewra, inquire for the Pakistan Nutrient Progress Firm, Khewra Salt mines. ICI invitee home Khewra. Find out for the Normal Manager’s place of work, ICI Pakistan Companies Ltd, Khewra. Additionally, there are relaxation homes with Choa Saidan Shah. Find out for the Area Commissioner’s place of work.

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