Shah Jahan Mosque or Shahjahani Mosque Thatta Sindh

Posted on Sep 4 2016 - 8:47pm by visitpak

Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta

Thatta is a famous city of Sindh because of its rich culture and deep roots in the history. This city witnessed the ups and downs for emperors. One of its best attractions is the Shah Jahan Mosque which was built from the year 1644 to 1647. Mughal emperor Shahjahan took special interest in its construction. This Mosque is present in the city of Thatta, Sindh with full glory and amazing architecture. UNESCO also included it in the list of National heritage in the year 1993.

Royal King Shah Jahan spent around 9 lacs Shahjahani Rupees at that time. The foundations of Shahjahani Mosque are 12 feet to 15 feet deep in the soils and include the mountain’s hard stone. There are 5 small and big doors in it along the 100 domes and 94 pillars.

The Best feature of this Shah Jahan Mosque is its unique dome designs that the sound circulates all over the mosque without loudspeakers. The air circulation system is also appreciable and environment of it remains calm all the time. More than 20,000 peoples can offer the prayers in this mosque at a single time. Water pound and the garden are present in the front side of it which enhances the attraction.

It is said that King Shah Jahan once dreamed about this Mosque and get the orders from the Allah Almighty to build a Mosque. He completed this beautiful Shahjahani Mosque in a very limited period of time. When Sher Shah Suri defeated the King then Shahjahan spent few of his time in this Mosque for it completion. Shahjahan completed this Mosque under the supervision of Mir Abdullah. Mir Abdullah was one of the great architects at that time and built so many marvelous buildings. He mixed red bricks and Blue glazed tiles in the finishing of Shahjahani Mosque. Dabgir Mosque is also very famous along the Shah Jahan Mosque.

Beautiful Scenes from Shah Jahan Mosque Thatta