Rohtas Fort near Dina District Jhelum, Pakistan

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Just 80 miles away from the Capital and few miles away from the District Jhelum, this is Rohtas Fort. This fort is very near to a town of Dina. While coming from Jhelum to Rawalpindi, you can find a big board of Rohtas Fort with an arrow to the left. It is 16 kilometers away from the District Jhelum and just 7 kilo meters away from Dina. By following that road you can reach to this great structure within 20 minutes. On the way you will find a small bridge and then this fort.

The Rohtas fort of Jhelum almost covers the area of 12.63 acres. It is a much larger than the Lahore fort Sangni Fort and Pharwala fort of Islamabad. This thing tells us that Mughals were not the only one who constructed large forts but all the Muslim Rulers gave the preference to it. Inside of it a small village exists which has its own high school. This place is very impressive.

An Afghan King Sher Shah Suri (lion of Afghanistan) laid its foundations.  It is a mixture of Pashtuns and Hidus architect. King Sher Shah Suri gave this name to it; he was impressed with the Rohtasgarh fort of Shahabad (India). The basic aim to build this fort was to stop the army of King Humayoun to enter in the Afghanistan. The history tells us that this Qilla or fort is situated on the old Grand Trunk (GT) road. This was built to stop conveys from Lahore to Peshawar. Gakhars were the local community at that time and they were allies of Humayoun. They did not support King Suri at all so King decided to make a strong place to deal with them. On the other hands Janjua Rajpoots were the other local community who helped the King in the construction of this fort to defeat the Gakhars.

Later on a minister of Mughal Empire Man Singh took the charge of the Rohtas fort and constructed a palace in it. That palace is known as the Haveli Man Singh. There is a small gallery in Rohtas fort which contains old coins, stamps, military uniform, military weapons and sculptures etc. this gallery reflects the history of this area.

Local villager are very nice and co-operative, you may get some assistance and guidance from them. They also offer you the history books and CDs of Qilla Rohtas. There is no entry fee but nominal car parking charges. Baoli or the Well of this fort contains 100 steps to reach the bottom of it. The Rohtas Qilla covers a very large area and it could consume your allot of time to visit all its places. A conveyance could help you to explore it all but most of the inside paths are improper.

Attractions of the Qilla Rohtas (Rohtas Fort):

  1. Shah Chand Wali Gate
  2. Kabli Gate
  3. Haveli Man Singh
  4. Shahi Baoli (Royal Well)
  5. Rani Mehal
  6. Shishi Gate
  7. Gaday Wala Gate
  8. Langar Khani Gate
  9. Badshahi Masjid (Royal Mosque)
  10. Talaqi Gate
  11. Badshahi Gate (Royal Gate)
  12. Choha Baba Guru Nanak
  13. Museum

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