Explore 30 most famous cities and famous places in Pakistan

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Here are the most famous places in Pakistan. When ever get chance do visit to these most famous places in Pakistan with the cities. Here is a brief details of those famous places in Pakistan. Get more information at visitpak.com.

01. Thar:

Few camels in Thar Desert

This area of Pakistan is totally different from rest of the country. It truly is an interesting area of Sindh. Basically Thar is a desert area and this desert is very wide and large. The plants and animals of this area seem different from other part of the country. It is just like the Rajasthan of India with hills of sand. Small villages are situated here with the mud huts. Thorny bushes and cactus plants could be seen here.

02. Sukkur:

The sukkur bridge 458

Sukkur is a historical place and a site of interest. Around this place you could find many historical structures and contains many tombs of famous Saints. Sukkur is carrying the tomb of Mir Masoom and a large number of attractive Mosques (Masajid) in it.

 03. Mohenjo daro:

The Mohenjo daro 250

It is 580 Kilometres (350 miles) away from the biggest city of Pakistan (Karachi). Mohenjo daro is situated on the Dadu road. “Hill of the dead” is the meaning of Mohenjo daro in local language. This valley has the history of 5,000 years. It was an Indus valley with civilized peoples.

04. Quetta:

The quetta city picture

Quetta is situated 4,500 meters above from the seal level. It is the provincial capital of Baluchistan. Chiltan, zarghoon and Takatu mountains are few famous of this city. The mountains of its surrounding areas vary from their heights. Quetta is a beautiful city and deserves the attention of a large number of visitors. There are many beautiful places which are still hidden and require the exploration.

06. Ziarat:

The ziarat residency of Jinnah

Ziarat is a small hill station which is situated on the 8,000 meters high from the sea level. It offers fresh air and fresh climate to the visitors. Lavender bushes covered its most of the area and Juniper forests are disappearing from its landscape rapidly. The Father of the National Quaid-e-Azam Muhammal Ali Jinnah spent his last days of life at this place.

07. Cholistan:

The cholistan desert Pakistan 250

It is situated on the neighbourhood of Rajasthan (India). It covers the area of 25,000 Sq. Kilometres and touches the desert of Thar to South and Rajasthan to East.

05: Multan:

The multan city of saints

Mutlan is an important city of Pakistan which is also known as the city of Saints. The history of Multan begins with the Alexander and later on Kushans, Arabs, Huns, Ghaznavi, Afghans, Mongols, Sikhs, Mughals and British ruled over the city. It is the city of Sufis and Saints who preached the Islam in this region. In the South Asia Multan is the oldest city.

08. Lahore:

The famous city lahore

Lahore is the provincial Capital and a large city with huge population. It remained as an important city for the rulers, scholars, politicians, historians, and archaeologist and also for the visitors etc. Lahore is an important and interesting place for everyone and offers many interesting places for everyone. This city is full of life and each year many visitors come here from inland and abroad. Lahore has its own charm and personality and none of any Subcontinent’s city matches with it.

09. Harappa:

The Harappa famous place

Harappa was situated on the Ravi River, once this river passed from this place. When this place was dug another city revealed just like the Mohenjodaro. Harappa was another civilized city just like to it. Many aspects of this city match with that city as well. Some writers say that they were sister cities. It seems that this city came into existence in 3,000 to 1,700 before Christ. It looks like a democratic society who spends the life in a very simple way.

10. Uch Sharif:

The uchsharif famous place

Hundreds of visitors come in Uch Sharif at annual basis. It was another historical and important city of 13th century. It was a central point of religious scholars, Sufis, Saints and poets of Asia. It attracted all of them for religious and holy activities. Ancient tombs and situated in Uch Sharif with beautiful Mosques (Masajid). These tombs and Mosques tell us the glory of this city.

11. Gwadar:

The gwadar famous place

After Quetta, Gwadar is the 2nd largest city of the Baluchistan province. It is developing rapidly and has an excellent beach. Mountains are also present in the city of Gwadar. In near future it will be a business hub of Pakistan with a large seaport.

12. Islamabad:

Capital Islamabad famous place

On the feet of Margalla hills this is new Capital of Pakistan after the Karachi. Malka-e-Kohsar Murree and valley of Kashmir is not so far from the Islamabad. It is modern city with many attractions and structures. Parks, trees, large avenues, fountains and garden etc. are the recognition of this city. It is the most beautiful city of Pakistan with a series of mountains at its backgrounds. Margalla town is 1,580 (5,184 feet) high from the sea level. The key feature of this city is the Margalla hills.

13. Wahga Border:

The wagha border famous places

Wahga Border is another famous place in Lahore it is situated on the GT Road (Grand Trunk Road). This a border between India and Pakistan, Wahga Boarder is almost 18 miles (29 KM) away from the historical city of Lahore. The Flag ceremony carried out here on daily basis. Both Pakistan and Indian flags rise here at morning and their reduction is made half an hour before the sunset. This is a routine matter here which shows us the traditional colors of Pakistan. The soldiers of Pakistan and India show their military perfection. A large number of visitors attend this ceremony at evening.

14. Bhurben:

The Bhurben famous places

Bhurben is 20 minutes away from the Jhika Galli, Murree. It attracts the visitors due to its natural beauty and a 10 KM golf course. It is a nine room’s golf course on the mountains and attracts a huge number of golfers. PC hotel is also situated in Bhurben and a nursing home too.

15. Murree:

The murree famous places

The Queen of the mountains or Malka-e-Kohsar is the second name of Murree. It is situated on the series of Himalayas. It is few Kilometres away from the Islamabad. It is located to the northeast of the capital.

16. Shogran:

The shogran famous places

Shogran is about 2,400 meters high from the sea level. It is a splendid place of Kaghan valley and an ideal location for the weekend and honeymoon. Its land produces a large of grass for the animals. It will require your 2 hours of off road or walk to reach the Kawai, Balakot. Kaghan valley has a big pine forest. In the summer season you could witness the mountain of Malka-e-Parbat, it is 5,296 meters above from the sea level. It is the highest mountain of Kaghan valley. The shadow of Malka-e-Parbat creates a magical impact on the Saif-ul-Malook Lake (Jheel). It is a lake of fresh and white water.

17. Kalash Valley:

The kalash valley famous places

It is a valley among other two which are situated in the Chitral. It is also called as Kafirstan and located at the North of the country. Kalash valley is blessed with the fertile land and almost all type of fruit is available on its soils. The whole Kalash valley looks like a paradise on this earth. Its hills are green and corn’s field could be seen here with the trees of pears, peach, apricots, apples, grapes and blackberries etc.

18. Nathia Gali:

The nathia gali famous places

Nathia Gali is an interesting place with beautiful landscape, cool winds and large number of pines. It is located on the road of Murree to Abottabad. Nathia Gali is a lovely place to stay and attracting more and more visitors.

19. Kalam:

The kalam famous places

Kalam is an attractive place for the tourists. It is has cold weather in the months of summers. Kalam valley and surrounding mountains are also very beautiful.

20. Peshawar:

The peshawar famous places

Peshawar is one the oldest cities of South Asia. It is an entrance point of Pakistan from the Afghanistan. It was an important city of Subcontinent and a meeting and marketing place for the public of Middle East, India and central Asia. Afghan warriors used this way to enter into subcontinent.

21. Chitral:

Famous places of Chitral

Chitral is an area with allot of natural beauty and spectacular sceneries. Chitral offers the visitor to climb the mountains and do some trekking activity. It is a wonderful valley with gorges people and pure environment.

22. Taxila:

The Taxila famous places

Taxila is a city of Gandhara period and a famous archaeology site. It was an important city for the legends, Kings and warriors etc. Taxila has a historical value and gate way to the northern areas of the country. Taxila has very deep roots which links it with the Buddhism.

23. Azad Kashmir:

The azad kashmir famous places

Azad Kashmir is a scythe-shaped city and a lovely place to visit. It is the territory of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and blessed with the natural beauty. Spring is the best time to visit Azad Kashmir. It is situated around the large mountains and looks like a rectangular shape valley. It truly is a nice place to visit and stay.

24. Skardu:

The skardu famous places

It is a dreamland for the international and local climbers. Skardu is getting the attention of the world from many years. To the northeast of Skardu the Karakorum Mountains are situated. This series of mountains are very impressive and attractive for the international level mountain climbers.

25. Neelum Valley:

The neelum famous places

To the North of Muzafarabad the Neelum valley is located. It is the lateral valley of Kaghan. They look similar to each other. It is 4,000 meters above from the sea level. It provides the water to the Neelum River which is very noisy. It is an excellent place with lush green forests and streams. Few beautiful lakes are also situated in the premises of Neelum valley.

26. Gilgit Baltistan:

The Gilgit Baltistan famous places

Gilgit Baltistan is a place with fruit farms, fertile land, waterfalls, houses and small shops etc. It is a quite place with full of nature. People of Gilgit Baltistan are very co-operative and friendly. The local community spend many hours to reach their school and office because of conveyance and roads problem.

27. Hunza valley:

The hunza famous places

Situated at the North side of Pakistan this is Hunza valley. It is the Shangrilla of Pakistan which is surrounded by big mountains. Beautiful gardens and fertile lands are the key features of Hunza valley. The people of this valley are spending a happy life with the nature.

28. Karakorum Highway:

The Karakorum Highway famous places

Karakorum Highway is also known as the Silk route or Shahra-e-Resham. It truly is a pride of Pakistan which could be the 8th wonder of the entire world. Karakorum Highway or Silk route is a masterpiece of engineering. It covers the angry Indus River and the Hunza valley. Karakorum Highway or Silk route is a gateway to china which was laid on the dangerous mountains and Khunjerab Pass.

29. Deosai:

The Deosai famous places

Deosai is also situated on the North of the country. Deosai is famous for its sharp and dangerous mountains. These are sloppy and rocky mountains from all the sides. All the area of Deosai is full of adventure and catchy in summers. Colourful flowers could be seen everywhere in this season. It is an icy area so no human life is seems here on regular basis. Flow of river provides and amazing view to the visitors.

30: Kaghan valley:

The kaghan famous places

This valley is 160 KM wide and situated on the lush green fields of mountains. It is also located at the northern areas of Pakistan. Kaghan valley is so large and wide with a large number of vegetable’s field. The land of Kaghan valley is best for the cultivation. Snow covers all this area in the winter from peaks to the lands. It is situated on the series of Himalayas with thousands of pines.


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