Chai or Tea tradition in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 16 2012 - 7:36am by visitpak

This is impossible that you are visiting to Pakistan and someone does not offer you a cup of tea. European countries like coffee and Asian prefers tea. In the Urdu meaning of tea is “Chai” and in Pakistan the making of tea is little different than the other Asian countries. Our day is incomplete without a cup of tea and especially in the morning. Few peoples take it more often and it is very famous in offices as well.

Its importance could be judge by this, even in the airplanes of the country you could ask for a cup of tea. It is the 2nd most famous beverage in the world after the water. A good cup of tea could change your mood. It gets ready with the input of water, milk and tea with the mixture of tea leaves and sugar etc. Few other things could be added in it for taste. A famous term in Pakistan relates with it is the “Doodh Pati” which means milk tea. It is the mixture of tea and milk, no water is added in it. It is a common word in the routine lives of citizens.

Tea is not only a soft drink in Pakistan but there are the feelings of hospitality behind it. In the hotels and restaurants the elements which are involved with it are politics, music, cigarettes and peoples philosophy. Almost everything could be discussed on the table of tea in Pakistan. It is also an inhibited tradition by our society which is very common throughout the country.

Whenever you receive few guests at home or family members join you at home, the season of tea begins. It is not a just a drink, it is an occasion to spend some time with the friends and families. Both the green tea and black tea with milk are served here. Green tea is served with the lemon and mint.

It is presented in the clean and warm cups with few other eatable items. Pakistani traditional sweets, cream puffs, rusks, cake, Samosas, Pakoras, toast, finger chips and biscuits could give the company to it on the table. Any spicy or light eatable things could be served with the cup of tea.

All hotels offer it in Pakistan and in the markets there are little hotels which belong to the tea only. Some peoples do not use sugar in it so a spoon with the pot of sugar could accompany on the tray. In markets the hotels deliver it on the shops etc. In the past the price of a cup of tea was very economical but currently its prices are rising up.

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