The Wazir Khan Bardari / Garden / Library of Lahore

Posted on Nov 14 2012 - 6:55am by visitpak

The Wazir Khan Baradari is situated near the Shahdara of Lahore. It is a pavilion of 12 doors which are wide open. In other words there are twelve entrances places in this point. In the British and Mughal era it was surrounded by a grand Mughal garden. Wazir Khan was the builder of great Mosque the Masjid Wazir Khan and Shahi Hamam (Royal Bath). Same person was the in charge of this Baradari.

This garden was known as the Najlia Bagha which means the garden of the dates. Shah Jahan asked to its Governor to built a garden with full of fruit plants and trees. Just like the Shalimar garden of Lahore the Wazir Khan Garden (Baradari) was a great place to visit.

Two towers were places on the both side of this Baradari and this structure was surrounded with many fountains. Due to these fountains the inside temperature remained cool. Both the towers carry two cupolas on their top.

Its constructor once said that he built that Mosque to remind the beauty of God while build this huge garden to remind the beauty of the nature. He was the Governor (Subedar) of Lahore city. As Sikh community took the charge of this city they did not show mercy with this place just like the other places of the Mughal era. They gave an unforgotten loss to the lovely place. All its expensive items were looted by them and they used this place for the camping in the year 1799. In short they razed away the natural beauty of Wazir Khan Garden (Baradari).

The British rulers did not restore its beauty at all. For the first in the history this place was used as an office. Few agencies and telegraph office was built in it. This Baradari is the only remaining of that great garden now. It is a reading room the public library under the supervision of Punjab Government.

It is a monument which recalls the memories of Mughal Empire. Who faced many decades under the supervision of Mughals, Sikhs and British rulers. Currently Punjab University, National collage of arts and Punjab Public Library are trying to get the charge of this building.

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