The Chiniot Pakistan, a city famous for Chinioti furniture

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 10:09am by visitpak

Chiniot Pakistan

The town is situated on the left bank of the river Chenab at a three hours driving distance from Lahore and one hour from Faisalabad. It is known for its wood carvings, Shahi mosque, Haveli and high quality furniture. It is well set in one of the most picturesque valleys. The town stands on a rock related to an outcrop of rocks barely two miles away where the Chenab pierces its way through and in the process splits up into two giving rise to an island of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur. A grove of date palms provides cool shade. To view the rising sun from any of the surrounding rocks is an unforgettable experience.

Chiniot Pakistan was once famous for the manufacture of boats and bows for both civil and military purposes. That tradition died out long ago. However, it still remains a veritable center of wood-carving and masonry Specimens of wood-carving include decorated doors, carved and foliated tracery for balconies and window frames.

Inlay of brass is also wrought in Shisham wood of dark hue which provides an excellent base for the contrast of brass. All varieties of furniture of fine quality and requisite designs are undertaken at Chiniot Pakistan.

Carpentry like masonry is a hereditary profession there. It has evolved into a fine art which is second to none in the world. The wonder of wonders is that Chiniot Pakistani artists and craftsman are generally illiterate. The tradition is confined to certain families who carry it on, perhaps, as a sacred trust. Chiniot Pakistan furniture USA is also a famous and well known shopping place. Chiniot Pakistan Pakwan is the other best thing of this city.