Juma prayer or Friday Prayer in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 12 2012 - 8:24am by visitpak

For the Muslim world a sacred day among the other days of the week is “Juma”. It is an Arabic word which means Friday. It is an important day for the Muslims just like the Sunday for the Christians; some other religion also has their own sacred days. All male member of the Muslim community attend the Mosque on this day at the time of juma prayer. There is a huge number of Mosques who arrange a separate place for ladies to offer this prayer.

The preparation of prayer has been started from the “Azan” (a call for the prayers). Everybody rush towards the nearby Jamia Mosques. As you reach inside some peoples do the “Wuzu” and then starts the prayers. Afterwards weekly Khubta (a speech) is addressed to the Muslims. After the Juma or Friday prayers everybody get engage in its own work again.

In Pakistan Friday is a half working day and peoples come from the work or school / colleges before the Juma prayer. Few countries of Gulf and Saudi Arabia have the full day off. In the Europe the off days are Saturday and Sunday. Friday is the most sacred and holy day in the tradition of Muslim.

There is no conflict in Pakistan on Friday as a half working day but business community like the shop keepers etc. remained their businesses close on this day. There is no religious order to make it as a rest day or holiday. Noon is the specific time to offer its prayers and like other religion Muslims could not offer these prayers on all days or any other time of that day.

As the preparation begins for Friday prayers all the restaurant, banks, shops and classes etc. closed their doors at round about 12:00 noon and then reopen them after the prayers and do their routine work. So being a visitor in Pakistan you should keep these timings in your mind on every Friday.

Not all the Mosques offered the Juma prayer:

Because a large number of peoples attend this prayer so arrangement should be like that. The Mosques which offer the Juma prayers are called ad the “Jamia Mosque” in Muslim world. All the community get together over there for one purpose. Some television channels telecast the Sermon and prayers live to the viewers.

On the same day sometimes different religious parties arranges some strikes and rallies against the policy of the Government or on some international issues. So right after the Friday prayers they do those activities because there are a huge numbers of available peoples. Sometime you may face a block road ahead after “Juma”. Most of these protests are very peaceful if a specific party or leader organizes it but sometimes it gets worst condition

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