History and useful info about the Gordon College Rawalpindi

Posted on Jul 20 2014 - 8:24am by visitpak

Rawalpindi is a symbol of cultural and historical city of the Potohar region. One of the brightest stars in this city is the Gordon College Rawalpindi; it produced many brilliant names in the history of Pakistan. It was the first ever college in Potohar region and old walls tell us its glory.

When you use the busiest track of the city, the main Murree Road you need to leave it from Liaqat Bagh. You will find Islamia Public School on your way and the office of the Municipal Corporation. A red colored building will be waiting for your eyes to catch; this is the Gordon College Rawalpindi. You could witness many trees which are a century old.

The main gate of Gordon College Rawalpindi opens towards the Liaqat Road while there is another small gate which opens towards another busy road of the city, the College Road of Raja Bazar. The old city starts from this point, in other words we could say that its back gate opens the history of Rawalpindi.

Gordon College Rawalpindi is not only an educational institute; it is a continuity of our traditional ethics and bright history. The starting point of this history is also situated in this congested area which is Government Mission Higher Secondary School. It is the oldest school of the region which was founded in the year 1856, it was a missionary school. Without any doubt we could say that it was the foundation of Gordon College Rawalpindi. Later on this school became the Gordon Mission School and College.

After few times a nearby place was selected at the Company Bagh (Current Liaqat Bagh), and this college was transferred to this new place. At beginning this place was far from the main city, on 20th March 1903, Lt. Governor of Punjab Sir Charles Revues inaugurated the new building officially. Mr. J. H. Martin was the Head Master at that time.

Science classes was started in the very next year 1904, Justice Din Muhammad was the first ever Muslim graduate of this institute, completed his graduation in the year 1904. He contributed a major role in Pakistan moment along his friends. In the year 1915 the first ever college magazine the “Gordonian” was published, which is a yearly based magazine.

In the year 1916 the name of this college was changed from Gordon Mission College to the Gordon College Rawalpindi. Gordon College Rawalpindi saw very tough time at the time of partition when most of the non Muslims faculty and student left this institute. More than 3000 students are enrolled in it and learning in their respective fields till the Master Degree. Seek and Ye Shall Find is the Moto of Gordon College Rawalpindi since a century.

This college has blessed the country with so many big names. Biology laboratory of the college is just like a museum with having so many items in it. It also has a big library in its basement which connects the students with pen and books.

Ex Prime Minister Shoukat Aziz, Ex Prime Ministers of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Sikandar Hayyat, Barrister Sultan Mahmood, Governor Raja Saroob Khan, ministers Raja Shahid Zafar, Sh. Rasheed Ahmed, Muhammad Bisharat Raja, Gen. Jahangir Karamat, Lt. General Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani and Justice Khalil Ramday are few famous personalities those belong to this college.

Morton Hall is the hostel of this college which is situated in this campus; it was established in the year 1893. Current situation of the Gordon College Rawalpindi is not the same but the purpose and aims are still same to spread the light of education in the society.