General information of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan & cities

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Capital: Islamabad

Official language: Urdu and English

Form of Government: Republican

Time-zone: UTC + 5

Currency: Pakistani Rupee

Administrative divisions: 1 Federation of 5 provinces

Pakistan is a South Asian country which is attached with the Arabian Sea. It forms a delta over there. Pakistan is a most populates Islamic country on the World. A large number of Muslim communities live in this country. Mostly inhabitants Muslims do live in Pakistan.

It is a semi-arid country with the blessed watershed of a big river Indus (Sindh). We could distribute the Pakistan into three different regions. First one is north; second one is North-east and East. The North of the Pakistan is blessed with highlands while East with the Rivers of water.

 Tourism in Pakistan

The ideal season for travel in Pakistan is between the Augusts to Decembers. The weather prescriptions during these months are suitable to everyone. For outdoor activities there are many natural places and mountains. The space for water sports is also there which you could enjoy fishing, canoeing and other activities.

Main cities in Pakistan

General information of the Islamabad: It is the capital city of Pakistan where administrators sit and make the foreign and interior polices. This includes many beautiful avenues and gardens. Its environment is very quiet and noise pollution free. The Shah Faisal Mosque is it another attraction while it has the noisy markets.

faisal masjid isb 90

Faisal Mosque ISB

General information of the Karachi: It is the old capital of Pakistan and the largest city too. It is also known as the “City of lights”. It has a big fishing port where tradition boats row everywhere.  It also has a great mosque the “Masjid-e-Tuba” and the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam. The remaining of Mohenjo Daro also exists here while the neighbourhood Saddar has the National Museum of Karachi.

Habib bank building KHI

Habib Bank Karachi

General information of the Lahore: It is a cultural and religious city of Pakistan. It is also known as the door of elephants. Palace of mirrors, Shalimar garden, Moti Masjid, Badshahi Masjid, Alamgiri Town, fort of Lahore, Heera Mandi, Shahi Mohalla, Shalamar garden, Minar-e-Pakistan, Wazir Khan Mosque, Annar Kali Bazaar, Chu-Burji, Ravi the river, and the central museum are few famous places of the Lahore.

Shahi Mosque LHR

Shahi Mosque Lahore

You will also like other famous places in Pakistan which include the Town of Darra, Managua Lake, Gandhara, Murree, Taxila, Harrapa and Swat Valley.

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