Beautiful Shalimar Garden of GT Road Lahore

Posted on Nov 6 2012 - 11:52am by visitpak

Today we will take you to the Shalimar garden of Lahore. It was another Royal garden of the Mughal era. It is an example and a famous place in Pakistan which was built by the 5th King of Mughal’s Empire the Shah Jahan. It was constructed in the 16th century and it is almost 400 years old now. The Shalimar garden carries 3 terraces which or separated with their height. Both fruit trees and flower plants were planted in this place.

This place is just 5 kilo meters away from the Lahore if you go to its north. Baghbanpura is another famous place nearby it. A canal was dug from the Rajpur (India) to irrigate this garden. It is almost 160 kilometers away from the city of Lahore. It got the status of World’s heritage by the UNECSO. It was nationalised by the General Ayoub Khan in the year 1962 at the time of Martial law.

Name of those terraces:

  1. Farah Bakush:       It is the most upper terrace and it contains 105 fountains.
  2. Fayz Bakush:         It is situated in the middle of other terraces and it contains 152 fountains.
  3. Hayat Bakush:        It is the lowest terrace and it contains153 fountains.

All the above terraces were connected with the waterfalls and canals. Fountains were also fixed in their premises for the watering purpose. There are few pavilions in this garden which were decorated with the red granite and white marble. There is a wall which separates it with the rest of the city.

There are few old buildings in its premises of Shalimar garden which are as under:

  1. Sawan Bhadun Pavilion
  2. Hamam for Royal bath
  3. Nagar Khana
  4. Aiwan
  5. Khawabgah
  6. Aram Bagh
  7. Begum Sahib Aramgah
  8. Diwan-e-khas
  9. Dewan-e-aam
  10. Baradari
  11. Minarets
  12. 2 gateways

These precious items which were installed in this place were also looted by the passage of time. Many of its part are restored for the public.

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