Why we call Malka e Kohsar Murree as a Heaven on this Earth?

Posted on Dec 17 2012 - 10:15am by visitpak

Malka e Kohsar Murree is a land which is full of nature; it truly is a beautiful creation of Almighty God. The forests of this valley are facilitating many wild animals and this range is so wide till the Kashmir. British designed lovely architectures in this city which offer the view of British who used this area in past. The building and structures of British era impress the tourists of this city. Most of its destinations and mighty hotels provide you the accommodation much higher that you feel yourself in the air. Murree is a natural treasure which was gifted by the British rulers at the time of separation. British ruler has left many natural treasures in the subcontinent of India.

From the old highway the Sunny Bank is the entrance point of this city but on the other side Jhika Gali is the entrance point of Murree if you are approaching it from the Express way (Motorway). A reasonable amount is charged from you if you using some local transport. The local transport is very cheap as compare with the special or contract carriage. From Islamabad to Murree it takes your one hour to reach. Local transport for this city could easily be found from the Capital city Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Daewoo Bus Service is the most luxurious one in Pakistan which is also offering the transport services for the peaks of Malka e Kohsar Murree. On the way to this city you will see thousand of pine trees.

This city is blessed with the altitude of 7,400 feet which is almost 2,240 and gives you the pleasure of beautiful landscape. This valley is filled with natural scenes and invites the visitors of near and far. The journey to Malka e Kohsar Murree is full of adventures. As you stepped in this city you will meet the local persons who will target you for the accommodation. They are just like the brokers who get the commission from few hotels against the customers. Business of hotels boasted up just like few other business activities due to a large number of visitors. Jewelry, clothing, medicines, home appliances, plane tickets, decoration items and the shops of dry fruits are also present in this city. Churches of British era, general stores are also there along the schools and banks.

The months of April, May and September, October are the best time to visit here. In these months this city shows its full grace with the beautiful nature and clouds on its sky. Its green valley gives a magical look during these months. The hotels provide all type of facilities in them with the heater and hot water and you can select any room which meets your choice and requirement. Single bed, double bed and family rooms are easily available. There a large number of hotels which are offering the fast food items in Murree. Mall Road is the most famous road and market of this city which is situated on the top of this city. This is a link road between the Kashmir point and Pindi point.

The pleasure welcomes you on every next step in this area. As you reach the Pindi Point you will find chairlift from this point to Bansara Gali. There is another cable car on the hills of Patheriata (new Murree) but it is situated on the other side of the city. These elevators charge you very economically and give you more than half hour ride. As you get in and the machine starts you feel yourself on the air and blue pine forest gives you a strong smell. Giant trees gives you stunning view and you fly over the traffic and roads. A great landscape could be seen around you in this ride. Breathtaking sceneries are the key features of these chairlift and cable cars. You should not miss the adventures of Malka e Kohsar Murree.

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