Waterfalls and Fountains of Mughal Empire

Posted on Nov 20 2012 - 6:55am by visitpak

Water is life as we all know. The Mughal rulers gave so much importance to the main element in their structures. You can see that there are a huge number of items in the Mughal structures that are related with the water. You can find the pools, fountains and waterfalls in their structure.

Water is a symbol of life and Mughals presented it very nicely. Waterfalls and fountains were the main features of their buildings, forts and gardens. All there were ornamental waterfalls and installed fountains. Granite and marbles were used in the waterfalls which could be seen in the Shalimar garden, Royal Mosque of Lahore and Royal fort of Lahore.

Unsmooth surface of those waterfalls provides a jumping water view and it looks very attractive. The flow of water was maintained for a beautiful environment. Lumps were placed near to those waterfalls and fountains at night for interesting reflection from the water. It creates a magical effect at night. It is said that the Ravi river of Lahore was very near to the Mughal structures. Now that river is little far from them which were the source of fresh water to the Royal fort, Royal Mosque and Shalimar garden.

Another reason behind those waterfalls and fountains could be the hot and sunny weather of the Lahore city. As we seen few Baradari in Lahore for cool and airy environment, those waterfalls and fountains were used for the same purpose. Water could cool down nearby environment and provide a best place for relaxation. Pools were also available in Mughal Empire for the same purpose of heat.

A special interest could be seen in the making of those waterfalls and fountains with the pools. Beautiful art work is present in the construction. The source of collecting the water for them was also very interesting. Sometimes few canals were dug to provide the fresh water to them. This trend is still very famous in the Muslim community most of the Mosques contains the fountains and pools.

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