Valley Park or Salgran Park of Malk-e-Kohsar Murree Pakistan

Posted on May 18 2014 - 8:29am by visitpak

Islamabad Pakistan and its surrounding areas are blessed with beautiful and amazing places along the mountains. Margalla Hills  (مارگلہ ہلز)increase its beauty and connects this range to the Hindukush (ہندوکش). There are many places to visit in the Capital city of Pakistan and many parks and lakes invite the tourists.

Murree the Queen of Hills or Malka-e-Kohsar (ملکہ کوہسار) is just few kilo meters away from the Islamabad Pakistan. On your way to Murree you could find three parks. The first one is Lake View Park which is situated in the Islamabad Pakistan along the Chattar Park but the very next park which comes on your way to Murree is the Valley Amusement Park of Salgran.

Valley Amusement Park is not situated in the Capital but in a Tehsil of District Rawalpindi. It is also known as the Valley Park or the Salgran Park. Salgran (سلگراں) is the location on where this park is situated. A lake that begins from the Hindukush Mountains and Malka-e-Kohsar Murree Pakistan meets to this park at Salgran.

Valley Park is Best place in summer as well as in the winter to enjoy, basically it is a stopover point you may not find any hotel to stay here. TDCP or the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is a tourism promoter in Punjab province, has a hotel on this spot for tourists and visitors. TDCP Hotel Salgran offers almost all types of Pakistan and Chinese foods. It covers a small area and provides facilities to the visitors. It is situated on the opposite side of the Valley Park Salgran.

Come back to the Valley Park or the Salgran Park, you need to take left turn on your way to Murree if you want to go there. It is situated on the main road so you have no worries about link roads. As you watch your left from the Salgran Bridge you can witness this lovely place.

As getting into Valley Park you could see many attractions in it for the families and children. It truly is a heaven for children and families, attractions for kids are there along the food. A huge parks place is also there for cars and buses etc.

You could enjoy hills, park and water stream on the same location of Valley Park or Salgran Park. Above are the mountains and below is the water stream, it make and complete the beautiful scene of this place which attracts the people to itself.

It is just half an hour away from the Rawalpindi and Islamabad. You can explore the Chattar Park and the Valley or Salgran Park in a single day. It is just 25 Kilo meters away from the Capital city Islamabad Pakistan and just 9 kilo meters away from the 17 Meel toll plaza of Punjab Highway Departments.