Unbelievable naturally sparkling bioluminescent houseplants

Posted on Jan 25 2015 - 9:57am by visitpak

Electricity is the biggest problems of now days in Pakistan; peoples are desperately looking for its alternates. After UPS and generators they are installing the solar plates to produce and get some energy for their houses and offices. Government and private sector is working very hard to overcome on this problem but still allot of work to do for it.

If you forget to switch off your lights at night or worries about the electricity bills then we have good news for you today. A pretty an amazing thing is going to hit your markets soon the “Glowing plant”. It is hard to believe but scientists are working on it from decades and got the success at the end.

Bioluminescent houseplants will be functional light source in near future and will be available soon in the markets. Its cost is not yet determined but it will available in nominal price. It will be a cool item of your home like decoration piece with all natural elements.

Because bioluminescent houseplants are natural so you do not need to charge it, but to water it regularly. Peoples are calling it as an AVATAR and it seems too but it truly is an amazing invention. It does not have an on or off button and will glow automatically in dark. It is a simple plant that have the green flu-resent protein in it so nothing to worry about it. We hope that you will love this mini creature and would like to keep it in your home and offices.

The bioluminescent houseplants