Twin City Transport Service (Rawalpindi-Islamabad)

Posted on Oct 6 2012 - 4:29pm by visitpak

Islamabad is known as the city of foreigners. That is the reason you could not find a huge number of peoples on the Eid or other national holidays. Most of the Capital employees are living in the twin city of Rawalpindi. They travel on regular basis from Rawalpindi to Islamabad to approach their working points. There are few common routes between these two cities. The mean of transport in the capital is Hiace (mini van) and the Mazda (mini bus / coaster).

The most busy travel route between twin cities is the Route No. 1. Route 1-C, 24 and 21 number also connect the citizens with the Islamabad. Route No. 1 Starts from the G.P.O Rawalpindi till the secretariat Islamabad. 1-C starts from 22 number Chungi to the Karachi Company while 24 cover the Pir Wadhaee area and the Sabzi Mandi of the Capital. On the other hands 21 No. Route starts from the Katchehry to the secretariat.

A huge number of peoples travel in these mini vans and buses in Islamabad. These vans could carry 20 to 22 passengers. The fare of these local routes is set by the Sectary of Regional Transport Authority. The mini vans have the sliding door and the conductor screams for the destination to attract the pedestrians. Normally you could observe that the conductor will take its half body outside of the vehicle or stay bent in the vehicle.

The thing which is ignored in the twin city transport is the motor vehicle ordinance and rules. Transporter does not meet the standard of motor vehicle ordinance and rules of the Pakistan. One main reason behind this violation is the ignorance and secondly they are paid on regular basis, no monthly salary is fixed for them.

Due to up rising price of fuel in the Pakistan the fares are also rising up. These prices are rising up very fast and on regular basis. Thousands of passengers travel and uses the services of this transport but unfortunately there is no insurance claim if the van got any accident.

The twin city transport needs many improvements so that the journey will be safer and cheaper for the visitors. The bus stops also need the up gradation and proper seating and drinking water facilities. The other most discussable issue is the long stay of these vans on the bus stops. The Government and specially the Sectary R.T.A (Regional Transport Authority) should take a serious notice about it with the help of City Traffic Police.

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