Traditions along with heritage of Hunza valley Pakistan

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Traditions associated with Hunza valley

The particular N. provides special functions throughout ethnic along with traditional making. The particular forts in the N. which may have a new heritage associated with worldwide value you will discover special Baltistan along with Hunza valley Nagar. Historic structures along with houses designed by your habitants from the region belonged to Tibet along with core Asian countries. They have numerous heritage along with session (fortresses, systems along with palaces), are already designed all around 13th one hundred year. The particular Baltit throughout Hunza valley that were being internal your 13th one hundred year along with Altit Fortification Hunza valley, that is eight hundred 50 years of age. Talents from the Express along with possessions based on the neighborhood along with executive heritage repair, storage along with conservation from the region things to do have to have. Belongings may make quite a few fiscal prospects for folks with the advancement associated with vacation, in case most of these thunderous structures elevated as well as repaired.

  • Listed here are ethnic heritage along with session
  • Historic debt settlements
  • Historic typical monuments, ancient structures along with structures associated with Defense
  • (Fortresses, palaces, watchtowers)

The common areas

  • Polo grounds, grounds, Chataqs and Biaks (public meeting area), links
  • Archaeological internet sites
  • Put together internet sites
  • The key areas associated with ethnic along with ancient protection in the N.
  • Powerful Baltit Hunza valley
  • Powerful Altit Hunza
  • Powerful Ganish Hunza
  • Nagar Palace
  • Gohar Aman’s Tower system associated with Gilgit
  • Powerful Kharpocho Sakardo
  • Powerful Shigar
  • Amboriq mosque Shigar
  • Kidingdong mosque Shigar
  • Powerful Khapolo
  • Powerful Shigar
  • Karmang powerful
  • Diamer Chilas powerful
  • Powerful Gupis
  • Powerful Sherqilah

The particular Aga Khan ethnic program Pakistan (AKCSP) is mixed up in repair from the older forts from the final ten years that have been growing to be ruins but not associated with virtually any use. The particular Aga Khan intended for culture (AKTC) founded throughout 1988 by means of His Highness your Aga Khan, with a require to advertise ethnic advancement and also the storage from the heritage in a. Trust provides targeted it is things to do around the enhancement from the surroundings designed by the recognition from the architecture for crucial guitar from the ethnic individuality from the rely on is designed to advertise architecture along with downtown repair procedures.

Since 1992, your marketing associated with neighborhood conservation things to do throughout Gilgit-Baltistan for the storage from the executive heritage along with the environmental possessions have been AKCSP. Repair along with recycling from the almost 900 many years Baltit, fort for the rehab along with revitalization associated with traditional debt settlements throughout Karimabad Hunza valley throughout Gilgit place. The work has conducted throughout a lot of locations (strong Altit, Ganish along with Chumarkhan) associated with Hunza valley along with powerful Kharpocho, Shigar Palace in the Baltistan. This program aids neighborhood artisans along with craftsmen AKTC in the marketing associated with neighborhood fairs and provides service to making eco sufficient region systems.

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