Toothbrush of muscles, the stick Travel Stick review and price

Posted on May 7 2013 - 4:20am by visitpak

“A toothbrush for muscles” is the logo of this amazing travel stick. It is very useful item for your travelling kit. It is 17” long flexible stick, which could be used for different purposes. The Stick Company is the producer of this item and its model numbers is G-1750.

Purpose of this travel Stick:

As the brand name says it all, it is all about to relax your muscles after some hard work or long journey. It is unique kind of therapy which helps you in different ways. It is a key training item in the athlete centers in the USA. This travel stick is a basic training tool over there. US Olympic training centers also use it in the training sessions.

The travel stick

It is a standard travel stick with the length of 17 inches and red handled. It is a compact and easy to use item especially with your lower limbs problems. It is used to groups and relaxes the muscles. Pain and soreness could be avoided by the use of this travel stick. It actively works for the recovery of the disturbed muscles. It is very useful item which will improve and enhance your strength with the flexibility.

So if you are a mountain climber or love to travel by your feet then, this travel stick is a never missing item for you. You may not find some doctor or other medical facilities on the top of the mountain and in some backyards. It will help you in different ways and on different situations. On the other hands if you are a sportsman or sportswoman even in this situation you can take the full benefit of this travel stick.

Currently this travel stick is available from the channel of at a very reasonable and affordable prices so do not miss and make the useful item, a part of your travelling kit today.

Place the order:

You can easily place the order of this travel stick right here by using this link,


The maker of this travel stick offers you the warranty of 90 days after you purchase it. If you find your product defective or broken during shipping or due to some other reasons, you may claim the warranty. An un-conditional 30 days guarantee is also offered by the company.

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