Tilla Jogian Jhelum Pakistan, the history and pictures

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Tilla Jogian can be a gorgeous and historical host to Area Jhelum. Is it doesn’t best pile of the sodium array. This kind of position seemed to be the actual most ancient spiritual organization associated with Hinduism with pre-independence associated with Asia (1947). At that time it had been known as the actual “Tilla Gorakh-Nath” but at this point it is known as because “Tilla Jogian” or perhaps “Tilla”. Raja Bhutavi Poran Bhugat along with a popular Punjabi persona Ranjha acquired their own hearing ringed right here.

Baba Pro Nanak had likewise visited and spent the night’s right here for a lot of times. Inside period of Mughals, Master Jahangir likewise utilised that destination as well. A wide natural stone water-feature associated with Sikh interval is still providing. The old wrecked Hindu temples can also be seen here.


The Elevation associated with Tilla Jogian is around 3,200 feet above towards beach levels.


The local weather can be quite excessive and wintry with winter weather when it’s in summer months the idea turns into sizzling. The standard rain fall about this pile is 48 to help 69 cm for every year.

Coal Mines:

The pile associated with Tilla is fortunate using the fossil fuel mines. It is surrounding a major role throughout the economy associated with Pakistan by providing tons of fossil fuel every single day. There are several fossil fuel mines in this particular pile which are detailed. The old style Ford pickup trucks and dumpers are employed to help transport that fossil fuel with another place.

Forest and Animals:

There’s good high composed of associated with Keekar, Kahu, Phulay and This tree. Tilla Jogian and adjoining hills are assistance an increasingly interesting fauna. Urials, Wolves, Jackals, Foxes, Wildcats, Rabbit, Chikor, Greyish and Dark-colored Partridge can also be obtained in the actual aspects of Tilla Jogian Huge batch.

Aside from that after you approach presently there, you can view several community parents making use of their animals. This kind of spot produce spends associated with food to help those people animals.

Long distance associated with Tilla:

  • 205 KM away from Lahore
  • 128 KM away from Rawalpindi
  • 24 KM away from Rohtas Fort

Hindu Ashthan which are present in Tilla:

  • Asthan Shev Shankar Bholay Nath Ji
  • Asthan Maan Ambay Durga Rani
  • Asthan Baba Guru Nanak Nar-Nakari Ji
  • Asthan Guru Baba Gorakh Nath Ji
  • Asthan Guru Baba Machand Nath Ji
  • Asthan Guru Nu Natho Ka
  • Asthan Guru Baba Sidh Balak Nath Ji
  • Asthan Guru Baba Bheero Nath Ji

Attractions of Tilla Jogian:

This place is blessed with the natural beauty and natural scenes. Due to its height it gives you the view of many kilo meters. Many villages are situated on the both sides of this mountain. In the past the people used this mountain to approach their relatives on the other side of the mountain.  The Jhelum River is also visible from this point if the weather is clear. You can witness many small dams from the top of it.

Old buildings:

There are few old stone structures on the top of this mountain, which are still standing in a perfect position but on the other hands many structures has been fallen by the passage of time. Government should treat them as a national heritage and should act to re-established those building.

Water Pool:

After a tough journey, when you reach on the top of this mountain, you feel very pleasant. The environment of the above is very windy and enjoyable. A water pool is also present in this place. It collected the rain water in the past but due to lack of Government’s interest there is no water present in it now days. It is because the disturbance of water sewerage system, which collects and send water to this pool.

The talab or pool at tilla jogian

Guest House and Helipad:

Right behind those Asthans you will find a rest house and a big lush green ground. This big lush green ground is basically a helipad. Yes a chopper could land on the top of this mountain. Pakistan Army does use this place for its exercises sometimes.

Chapan Choot:

At the right side of these structures you will find some steps of stone. While passing these stones to the top, you will find cave and a very small tunnel. The locals called it as “Chapan Choot” which means the game of hide and seek in English. According to local peoples this was the place where “Heer” and “Ranjha” used to play hide and seek or “Chapan Choot”.

The chapan choot at tilla jogian

How to approach:

There are only two ways to approach this place the first one is to use a 4 by 4 Jeep and the second one is by your feet. There is also a third one by Helicopter but it is not accessible to general public. Both the ways are little hard as there is not solid path or road is available. Hard stones are on the way to Tilla Jogian.

There is a path to this mountain from the Rohtas Fort, which could be used to reach over this place. While local paths could be find very easily. If you want to bring your luggage with your then do not worry as the local peoples are available to help you with their camels. It is better to hire a local guide with you before you start your journey to the top.

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