The word “Chowk” definition and its importance in Pakistan

Posted on Sep 21 2012 - 10:26am by visitpak
Chandni Chowk Pindi

Chandni “CHOWK” Rawalpindi

Today “Visitpak” is going to tell you to trace some address in Pakistan. If you are not familiar to the Pakistani cities this information will help you to reach you’re ending destination. Most of cities around here are unplanned because these cities are too old and due to rapid grow in population these are expanding so fast. The other reason behind this expansion is the trend of migration from the rural areas to the urban. Most of the cities of Pakistan are so much congested so that it is very hard to find a specific place over there.

As we told you earlier most of the cities are unplanned in Pakistan so when a visitor wants to visit a specific place he/she may need some assistance to reach that point. “Chowk” is a term which is most used to find a place. It is an Urdu word which indicates the Square, crossroads or corner. So whenever you want to reach somewhere get the information about the main “Chowk” nearby it. Roundabouts are also known as “Chowk” in Pakistan. So you if you want to reach to any market or plaza remember the main entrance point of it.

Now we explain it with an example:

This is the picture of old Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi. A flyover is developed over to it but it is still known as the Chandni Chowk. It is a main place to reach the Commercial Market, Sadiqabad, Satellite Town or Said Pur road. If you want to visit any of those places you need to remember the above said place.

chandni chowk pindi pic

Every “Square” name has some history; it could be the name of some historical person too. Most of the Chowks in Pakistan has some sculptures or monuments on them.  This word is very important for you if you are visiting in Pakistan. So whenever you go out in Pakistan ask your guide or the persons nearby your about the main “Chowks” over there. We hope that this small tip will help you allot, enjoy your stay in Pakistan.

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