The tomb of Nadira Begum near Shrine of Mian Mir Lahore

Posted on Nov 2 2012 - 12:38pm by visitpak

Nadira Saleem Banu was the wife of a Mughal Prince; her tomb is situated in the historical city of Lahore. She died in the year 1659 and left two daughters. She was a member of Mughal family (daughter of Shah Jahan) and was so famous for her beauty and intelligence. She got marriage in the teenage. It is near to the tomb of Mian Mir a Sufi Saint. It is another structure which is very famous and related with the Mughal Era.

The Tomb of Nadira Begum is covered with the marbles. Embedded gems were also used in the decoration of this structure. Inside of this tomb is also well decorated. In the 19th century when Sikh took the charge of this area, they looted all its expensive items like they did in the Lahore Fort. They gave an unrecoverable loss to this beautiful Tomb. All its coatings were looted and disappeared in the Sikh Era.

Currently it gives the scene of an old structure due to that great loss. It is an uncovered structure now which resembles with the Baradari of Lahore. It also contained a water pool just like the Hiran Minar of Shiekhupura but all the surrounding is covered not. Its surrounding has been turned into a children park.

The tomb of Nadira Begum is still very famous among the visitors. Nearby shrine of Sufi Saint Mian Mir is also very popular. Unlike the other tombs of Mughals Era this tomb has no domes or minarets. A big water tank is also situated in the history of this structure. There is no entry point like the Hiran Minar. Bricks were used in the construction of this area. All its walls are decorated in the Mughal’s style. Many of its tiles are transferred to the Lahore Museum. It is another place which requires some special treatment and attention from the Government of Pakistan.

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