The tomb of great Mughal King Jahangir in Sha Dara Lahore

Posted on Oct 29 2012 - 7:01am by visitpak

Jahangir was the 4th king of Mughal Era who ruled from the year 1605 A.D to 1627 A.D. Its tomb is situated in the great city of Lahore and it is a famous monument in Pakistan which was built by his son Shah Jahan. It got the place over the Rs. one thousand’s note of local currency. A famous Sha dara garden is located in the Lahore where you could find this tomb. Sha dara means the “gate of king”, or a gate which was used by the King. Char bagh is another garden of Mughal Empire.

The grave of Mughal King Jahangir’s wife is situated nearby him. White marble and red granite is used in the constructions of this tomb just like the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore. This structure is surrounded by the four big minarets of 30 meters but no domes are there. It is a single storey building which looks so marvellous.

This tomb of Mughal King Jahangir got severe damage in the Sikhs Empire; they used this area to approach the Amritsar of India. Later on when British got the charge they restored some parts of this historical place. It is another masterpiece of Mughal era which was built with white marble and red stones. All the 99 names of Allah are written on its walls. It is a very well decorated structure and increases the beauty of this city.

Shrines and tombs have a special importance in the Muslim’s world. So there is always a room in them to offer the prayers. Same is here in this place one care offer the prayers as there is a special place for it. It is a common practice in most of the shrines and tombs in country. The attached garden also has the attraction for the visitors. Travellers were welcome here with their means of transport like camels and horses in the past. Courtesy and hospitality were given to them in the Mughal era.

Currently Lahore is a very busy city with many noises in the air. This garden is a best place to relax and enjoy.

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