The Shrine of Golra Sharif in Islamabad

Posted on Oct 2 2012 - 8:03am by visitpak

The Shrine (Darbar) of Golra Sharif is situated in the centre of E-11 sector, Islamabad. It is in the front of Margalla hills and 11 miles away from the city of Rawalpindi. Till the last decade of 18th century the Afghans were ruling on this place but after the Ahmed Shah Abadali, Ranjit Singh took the charge of this area. Before the Capital Golra was a small village of Rawalpindi but it remained as an important area due to its geographic location. Texla and Hasan Abadal are situated in the neighbourhood.

The main cause of its popularity is the Tomb of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Sahib. He was a great Sufi Saint and spent his life for the Islam in the 1850s. Pir is an Urdu word and its meaning is Holy Man. Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah Sahib born on the first of Ramadan 1275 A.H which was 14th of April 1859 A.D.

Beautiful white marble was used for the structure of this Shrine and the linked Mosque. Red carpets are laid on the floors. This one is a very big complex which includes the separate space for women, pools, galleries and the food corner as well. There are few more shrines near by it. This building increases the beauty of the Capital. It provides you a great visiting experience and was made in the Mughal’s style. You can ask from a local person if you have any query or question related to this area.

Pir Mehr Ali Shah (who is buried in the Golra Sharif) was also a famous Punjabi poet. He knew almost all the regional languages and did his poetry. The poetry of Pir Sahib is still very famous among the peoples. The peoples come here more often from near and far. His poetry could be finding on official website of “”. It is an official website which provided you all the information and future events of this Shrine.

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