The profile of lovely city Mirpur Pakistan with latest pictures

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 12:42pm by visitpak

Mirpur Pakistan (میرپور پاکستان) is the capital and largest city of Mirpur district. There are many other cities in the world with the name Mirpur (in India, Bangladesh and in Pakistan), but the Mirpur little Britian city in Azad Kashmir (آزاد کشمیر) is the most famous all over the world.

Since Mirpur Pakistan adjoins the northern plains of the Punjab, the climate is quite hot during the summer times. The city itself has gone through a process of modernization while most of the surrounding area remains agricultural. The production of electricity, through Mangla Dam (منگلا ڈیم) makes this district somewhat unique in the entire region which provides energy needs for Azad Kashmir and Northern Punjab province. A significant portion of the population is settled in England (UK) – mostly in West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. For this reason Mirpur is sometimes known as “Little England”. Many products from the UK are found in this city.

Old Mirpur:

The remains of the old city (old Mirpur) are underneath the waters of the Mangla Lake; during the colder months of March and April, the water level recedes to such an extent that one can travel on motorcycle on old Mirpur Pakistan road which still exists. Holy Shrines of Syed Abdul Karim (سید عبدالکریم) and Meeran Shah Ghazi (میران شاہ غازی) become visible and so do the remnants of a Sikh Gurdwara (گورودوارہ) as well as a Hindu Mandir (مندر) possibly dedicated to the “Mangla Mata” (Mangla mother goddess).

The remains of old houses, water wells, Graveyards reappear too. People from surrounding areas visit old Mirpur Pakistan during these months to pay homage to their ancient land they lived on and pray on graveyards of their loved ones. Urs Mubarak (عرس مبارک) of Meeran Shah and Syed Abdul Kareem are also arranged in these months in old Mirpur Pakistan.

Neighbouring Cities to visit:

  • Muzaffarabad (مظفرآباد) – the capital of the state and close to the epicenter of the 2005 earthquake
  • Mirpur (میرپور) – is the second largest city of Azad Kashmir, popular for its nearby Mangla view resort.
  • Dadyal (ڈڈیال) – consists of more than 70 smaller villages. Rawalakot Its Kashmir heaven on earth
  • Islamgarh (اسلام گڑھ), Bhimber (بھمبر), Kotli (کوٹلی), Bagh (باغ), Sudhnati (سدھنوتی), Neelum (نیلم)