The Monsoon rains in Islamabad

Posted on Sep 29 2012 - 9:33am by visitpak

The rain plays a big role in the beauty of Islamabad. Due to Margalla hills and greenery the rain fall ratio of Islamabad is much higher than the other parts of the country.

As the rain started in the city the tiny creature like snails come out and feel happy. Clouds could be seen throughout the Margalla hills. The plants and trees also show a brand new face in and after the rain fall. Normally rains come after sometime in this city but its specific season is known as “Monsoon”. The meaning of Monsoon is “season” in Arabic. In the region of Sub-continent it is a specific time period when rain comes more often. Heavy rain falls come into the place in this season and sometime it creates many problems for the human beings and animals of the area.

A rain could rearrange the landscape of any place, it create lakes, waterfalls, swamps and streams etc. These all scenes are created by nature on those places where we could not even find them in normal season. Most of the peoples do like the raining season as it gives a new life to the creatures.

After a hot summer the season of “Monsoon” in Islamabad gives a new hope to the citizens. It decreases the high temperature of the summer season and turns the atmosphere into a pleasant one. The rain fall at hills send most of the water to the Rawal Lake while the water of the city comes to the “Nala Lae”. In the Monsoon season some time Nala Lae fills totally by the water of the Capital and it disturbed badly to the surrounding areas of Rawalpindi.

Rawal Lake is the biggest source of drinking water for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Electricity is also made with the source of Rawal Dam. It is a unique experience if you feel the rain in the capital closely and live. The showers sound great to the ears and mind. We had sharee few images of that season and we are waiting for your feedback.

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