The Mareer Chowk tunnel Rawalpindi and its surrounding areas

Posted on May 10 2013 - 12:25pm by visitpak

The Mareer Chowk tunnel project has been started in the big city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. This project is on its way and shall be completed soon in near future. It is another mega project for the citizens of Rawalpindi city and a most needed project too. Mareer Chowk is one of the busiest points in the city; Chandi Chowk and Katchery Chowk are the other two.

Mareer Chowk tunnel is situated on the main Murree Road of the city. This city has to main and long roads the first one is the Mall Road and the 2nd is Murree Road. Murree Road is also known as the Benazir Bhutto Road of her murder in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi. This road starts from the TNT Chowk near GHQ Rawalpindi and ends at the GPO Murree. This path also covers some part of the Capital city. But all this Murree Road belongs to the Government of Punjab.

Let’s come back to the Mareer Chowk tunnel project, we already has two tunnels at this point which was developed in the British era. There is a railway bridge on these tunnels which was also built by the British rulers of that time. This railway track was laid by the British rulers over the Mareer Chowk.

With the passage of time the population of Rawalpindi city grown up and it became a big city of Pakistan. A large numbers of vehicles and motor bikes come on the road on monthly basis. Mareer Chowk tunnel become very congested due to that reason and the management did not have any solution other than its expansion.

The Government of Punjab took it seriously and granted this project. It is a project of almost 352 million Rupees. Two brand new tunnels are the purpose of this project and to make the Mareer Chowk signal free. Before this project the citizen wait for 20 to 30 minutes to cross this point. At school / college and office time the situation becomes even worse. The City District Government is taking care over this project. Pakistan Railway is the most suffered party in this project as one of their tracks is down due to it. One temporary railway track is still working for the passengers.

Mareer Chowk tunnel was a big demand of the Rawalpindians because it took allot of time to cross. Mareer Chowk is a common point of the Rashid Minhas Road, Kashmir Road and the main Murree Road. All of its sides remain very busy in routine days. After the completion of this Mareer Chowk tunnel project, we are watching this point as signal free. This will be very helpful for those peoples who use it on daily basis. Here we would like to tell you that it is a very important area of the Rawalpindi city. Both main routes of 1 number and 7 number transport could be found here. 1 number leads you towards Islamabad while the 7 number routes lead you to the Rawat side. There is a Masjid (Mosque) with the Kiosk of City Traffic Police civil lines sectors, both got affected with this project and will be shifted nearby places.

Two petrol pumps and CNG stations could be found nearby Mareer Chowk. While if you use Rashid Minhas Road towards Katchery, you will find some old British Buildings, Gym-Khana, Police lines, Civil lines, Punjab House, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Fatima Jinnah Women University. Two main residential areas of Mareer Hasan and the Jhanda Cheechi are also situated near this chowk.

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