The Kohsar market of Islamabad

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 9:38am by visitpak

the kohsar market

The Kohsar market of Islamabad is just a few meters away from the Super market. It is a unique market without any doubt. This market facilitates to the visitor or foreigners as well as the local community. It is situated nearby the foreign embassies and mansions.

It is not a very big market but all the imported goods and products are available here for the buyers. It supplies almost every demanded product. So it meets with all your needs or requirements. Because Pakistan is an Islamic state, so only the HALAL products are available here for sale. HARAM products are prohibited here so the things like Pork sausages or bovine blood could not be found in the Kohsar market of Islamabad.

Most demanded HALAL products of Asian and western countries are available here. You can fine Chinese, Thais or other western products at a very reasonable price. For the tourists or visitors this market has the handicrafts. Flats, library and a big parking place are available to facilitate you.

Coffee shops, restaurants and other eatable things are also the attraction of it. You will surely inspired by visiting the Kohsar market of Islamabad. A beautiful Mosque is also situated at the neighbour of this market. A Madrasa is working in this Mosque, which is providing the quality education to the students. Both the religious and social studies are provided to the students of this Madrasa. Visiting this Mosque also is a unique experience and you will like to observe the work over there.

How to reach over there:

It is situated in the F-6 sector which is in the walking distance from the Super market. The Employees of US Embassy is restricted to visit this area from the US officials. So far the environment is very peaceful over there and nothing bad happened in it in the history. So in your next visit to the Super market please do not forget to take a look on this area of Islamabad.

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