The hobby of Pigeon breeding in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 10 2012 - 6:43am by visitpak

A common hobby which could be finding everywhere in Pakistan is the breeding of the pigeon. It is also known as the “Dove” in English. Whenever you go on the top roof you may witness many pigeon’s fences around your area. These fences or cabins could be seen on the terraces and roofs.

Pakistani nation inhabited this tradition from their elders. This bird is known as the most faithful among all other birds. In the past it has a very special place in the houses. In the wars this bird was used as a messenger. They wrapped a secret message on its legs and send it to the other command post.

In the Mughal Empire its important did not fall down. It is an eatable and Halal bird in the Islam but currently most of the peoples are keeping them as a pet. In Pakistan there are many pigeon’s clubs where the owners come and exchange their experiences.

Pigeon the Symbol of Peace:

The history tells us that the Poet of East Dr. Allama Iqbal also kept this bird in his early age. This bird is most common on the Shrines and sacred places in Pakistan and India. Due to its white color, it is known as the symbol of peace. Fancy pigeons are also available in the market for sale. They always recognize and remember their living place and after a long flight they come back on the exact point.

Price of the pigeons:

The price is determined through the eyes of this bird. Blue eyed yellow or brown each and every eye color has its own price. These rates start from the hundreds and ends on the lacs. It is becoming and expensive hobby as one of my friends claims that the worth of his pigeons is 1 million Rupees. The price varies from cast of them and depends on the colors of eye.

Most of pigeons look like the same to the owner uses specific color of bangles in their feet. Some guys are using it for the bad purposes and play betting on them. This bird is quite capable for continues flight of hours, days and weeks.

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