The historical Shah Allah Ditta village of Islamabad with details

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Shah Allah Ditta (شاہ اللہ دتہ ) village is a historical place of the Capital city Islamabad. It is situated in the D-12 sector of the city. It is the south-west part of the Islamabad. It is an old village of about 650 years old; it was planted by a Muslim Saint Shah Allah Ditta on the edge of the Grand Trunk or GT Road. This road meets with Peshawar and ends in Afghanistan. The Shrine of Saint Shah Allah Ditta is situated in the middle of this village of Islamabad.

This village is surrounded by the great Margalla hills (مارگلہ ہلز) which increase the beauty of this area. This village represent many historical things and places like caves etc. It is said that once this place was the patch of Sher Shah Suri (شیر شاہ سوری) the lion of Afghanistan and construction of Rohtas fort Jhelum. He also built the Gernaly Sarak (General’s road) on this village; few parts of this road are still visible and tell us the glory. This road was used to travel from India to Afghanistan; an old wall of this road is still present in its original condition. This is a wall with 90 feet length and 2 and half feet width. The height of this wall is approximately 30 feet from the ground. The hard stones were used in its construction and it is still in its original condition.

On the way you will find water well, which is also a construction of the same era. It is known as the Sher Shah Suri’s well, according to some folks it is King Akber’s well. Steps could be seen in this well just like the well we find in the Rohtas fort of Jhelum. The depth of this well is approximately 60 feet while its width is around 6 feet. Same hard stones were used in the construction of this well. It is another historical thing which is present in its original condition.

To facilitate the visitors and travellers Sher Shah Suri constructed a Sarai (rest house) and a Mosque near to this well. You will find many old caves in this Shah Allah Ditta village and according to the archaeologists they belong to the Buddha’s age. The wall of those caves had the pictures of Buddha on them but with the passage of time they disappeared. It seems that travellers used to live in these caves when they passed this point. Few caves contain the doors in front of them, which means that peoples used to live here for long times. 750 years old Bargat tree is also present in this village.

A natural water flow is also present here and its water is really clean and sweet. The peoples of village made an artificial path for this water and turned it towards their village. Now there is a small but beautiful lake of sweet water in this village. A small park is also present here now to facilitate the visitors. There is a form of Peacock and Ostrich in the village of Shah Allah Ditta. It is kind of birdhouse where you can find the birds of different specious. 16 kinds of peacocks and 4 kinds of ostriches are present here along the birds which were imported from Britain and USA. This birdhouse includes many rare birds in it.

The mountains of this village are famous for the hiking and few hiking clubs are working over there. These hiking clubs are promoting this game to the adventurers and nature lover.

So dear readers most of the Pakistani are not familiar with this Shah Allah Ditta village. The road condition to reach this place is in bad condition. We request the Government and the Capital Development Authority to take some serious steps to promote the tourism in this region. With very little effort this Shah Allah Ditta village could be a heaven for the visitors and tourist.

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