The Great Faisal Mosque of Islamabad / Pakistan

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Mosque is a holy place where Muslims offer their prayers. The construction of beautiful Mosques is the tradition of Muslim community. History shows us that in every era Muslims took their special interest in it. The biggest Mosque of South Asia is situated in the Capital of Pakistan. At a single time nearly 100,000 Muslims can offer the Prayers in it. It covers the area of round about 5,000 meter square.

Late King of Saudi Arabia Shah Faisal-bin-Abdul Aziz funded it and provided the financial help. It is Faisal Mosque, a gift for the Pakistani nation from the King of Saudi Arabia. In Urdu the meaning of Mosque is “Masjid” where Muslim offer their five times prayers. Saudi King wanted to establish a Global Islamic Community.

The Arab world is making the architectural masterpieces throughout the history. They spent a lot of money for this holy purpose. Faisal Mosque is the living example of it. This huge Mosque is situated in the north end of Faisal Avenue in F-8 sector and surrounded by the Margalla hills.

The Design:

It is lovely piece of architect which was made by a Turkish architecture “Vedat Dolokay”. It shape relates with a tent in the deserts of Arab. Before the selection of the design an international competition was held which was won by this Turkish person. The participants of 17 countries shared 43 designs. He made the shape of Bedouin tent which is the tradition of Arabs.

This design was selected in the year 1969 but it took a huge time for it compellation. In the year 1986 it was opened for the general public and the visitors. It is right in front of the Margalla hills, white marble is used for the decoration with the calligraphy. It is the mixture of traditional and modern design which is very unique and rare. 4 towering minarets increase the beauty of it. The height of each minaret is 260 feet (80 m).

On the top of it a golden crescent tells the glory of the Muslims. The main hall contains a globe which carries about 1,000 electrical bulbs in it with the total weight of 7.5 tons. An Islamic gallery is situated on the height of 190 feet in the main hall. In the month if Ramadan this mosque provide the Itikaf facilities to the peoples. Thousands of peoples offer the Itikaf here and the administration provide them the accommodation and food. The peoples are required to fill the Itikaf form and submit it before the holy month of Ramadan.

The tomb of Zia-ul-Haq is also situated in the lawn of this Mosque. He was the President of Pakistan and died in an air crash. A library is also situated in this Mosque with a large prayer hall, Museum and the cafeteria. The entrance in this lovely place is free of cost.

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