The Golden Mosque or Sunehri Masjid, Kashmiri Bazaar Lahore

Posted on Oct 24 2012 - 7:36am by visitpak

The Sunehri Masjid or Golden Mosque is situated in the centre of old Lahore. It is also known as the Taliya Masjid. Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan constructed this masterpiece; he was the son of Deputy Governor of that time Mr. Raushan-ul-Daula. Muhammad Shah was the ruler at time and we are talking about the year 1753 A.D.

This beautiful Sunehri Masjid or Golden Mosque is situated in the Kashmiri Bazaar of current Lahore. Golden domes are the key features and main focusing point. Four minarets also increase the beauty of this Mosque. Stairs are used to reach in it and you find a big prayer hall in front of you. Due to its Golden domes this Mosque is known as Golden Mosque. Big market is situated in the surrounding areas. This market is a busy place in Lahore.

Five times prayers are offered in this Mosque like the other Mosques in Islam. All the facilities are given to the worshipers in this place. The Jummah prayer is also offered in it. In this post we shared few old and latest images of this lovely place. It is a lovely place to visit and explore a historic place in the big city of Lahore.

The city of Lahore is a historic place itself. The Mughals took a special interest to build this city. Mughals built many big forts and Mosques in their era. There are a large number of old Mosques which could be found in Lahore. Badshai Mosque and Masjid Wazir Khan are few other famous places which are situated in Lahore like the Data Darbar or Shrine of Hazari Ali Hajwairi (R.A).

There are many famous places which we will share with you soon. For more lovely and amazing places please visit back to Visit Pak soon and also give us your feedback.

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