The Famous Marasas of Domeli morh near Dina, Jhelum

Posted on Nov 5 2012 - 6:57pm by visitpak

About 65 kilo meters away from Rawalpindi on the Grand Trunk (GT) towards Lahore and just few kilo meters away from the Rohtas Fort of Dina (district Jhelum), you will find a blue informative traffic sign. This informative traffic sign indicates the town of Domeli. This place is known as Domeli morh and it connects that town and surrounding areas with the GT Road.

There is a small bus stop and a Mosque is situated for the travellers. A railway track also follows this town. The things which are special about Domeli morh is its sweets. Jalaibi, Samosas, Pakoras and Marasas are few famous eatable items of this point. Especially the Marasa of Domeli is very famous among the locals and foreigners. There are few huts made by the woods where you can find these shops. These huts come in front of you as you get the turn from the Domeli Morh.

There are just few numbers of huts which provide these Jalaibi, Samosas, Pakoras and the Marasas. The price of all above items is very economical. Many peoples, who are familiar with this place, visit it more often and buy these things for their families and friends. Peoples approach here from near and far to get these items. Some brings these marasas to out of country. It is a sweet and crispy thing which has its own unique taste. It is becoming the identity to this place and becoming very popular.

One town and many other villages are situated on this road. Police station, Post Office and a provincial Government’s hospital are situated in this town. At the end it meet the famous mountain of District Jhelum the Tilla Mountain. Coal mines are situated in its range while Pakistan Army took the hold of its opposite area. All this area is very calm and peaceful. Baragawah, Sairi, Gattar, union council Nagiyal, Maire, Gujjar Katariyan, Behaith, Kadlot and Gangal are few small villages which are situated on the road of Domeli.

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