The F-7 Markaz Jinnah Super in the Capital

Posted on Oct 4 2012 - 7:28am by visitpak

We had defined the word “Markaz” in our earlier post but we repeat it again for you. Markaz is an Urdu word which means center. The Capital of Pakistan has many Markaz (central points) in it. The central point of sector F-7 is known as the Jinnah Super. This Supermarket is named by the founder of this country Mr. M. Ali Jinnah. Jinnah Super is the most famous and the biggest shopping mall in Islamabad.

In the evening and night peoples come here more often and enjoy their time. All types of restaurants are present in this market where you can hang out with your friends and families. At the day timing the ratio of visitors are little low. This market is known as an expensive one which is a quite true statement. The twin city of Islamabad (Rawalpindi) offers same products and things in almost half of the demanded price in the Jinnah Super.

Everything is little more expensive in this shopping mall from vegetables to the jackets. The most popular thing about this market is the Glamour, it is the reason that many people come here on regular basis. This market is made for the high class citizens and gentry of the city.

All famous hotels, restaurants and brands of international world are present here. Pizza Hut also has its brand in its premises. Syed Book Bank is another attraction of this area; it is modern library for the general public. Branches of all major banks also could be found in this area. This shopping place also attracts the foreigners who love to visit here.

F-7 Sector of the Capital is a residential area where few embassies are also situated. Most of the houses in this area are much expensive. This area is also neat and clean like the other places in the Islamabad. This place is also famous for the Windows shopping where you can find few peoples and specially the ladies to stand in front of windows and watching the things. Do visit here whenever you get the chance.

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