The Centaurus, 7 Stars Luxurious Hotel in Islamabad

Posted on Oct 6 2012 - 6:33am by visitpak

The Centaurus is under construction in the Capital. This project was started back in year 2010 in the Jinnah Avenue, Sector F-8 of city. It is a mega structure where developers are working day and night. This building will provide the space for the homes, offices and for shopping. With all that a brand new Seven Start hotel will also be there. It will be a glamorous structure. It theme relates with the buildings of U.A.E.

It covers the area of 6.59 acres in the Capital and it is an Arabic style structure. It is situated in the main area of Islamabad and near to the Convention centre. It wavy look is so elegant to watch and it seems like a yacht floating on the sea. All the world class facilities will be available in it for the visitors. This urban structure will carry a shopping mall of 5 storeys. A great view of Margalla hills could be seen from its residential complex. It will also include a corporate complex and a 7 Stars luxurious hotel. The Centaurus will offer a high standard lifestyle.

It will be a skyscraper of the Capital. A philosophy is there behind this building to provide a luxury life to the First Class citizens and the VIPs. This structure has a bright future for sure.

Now we take a look on its developers. It is a joint venture project of Pak Gulf Construction Pvt. Ltd., Sardar Builders and Al Tamimi Group of Saudi Arabia. PGCL is an Islamabad based real estate company. They are working positively for the progress of country and completing residential and commercial buildings. They use modern methods and techniques in the construction.

The competent professionals are hired for this project. Comfort and luxury is the basic theme behind this structure. Sardar Builders is also a Pakistani company while Al Tamimi Group belongs to our brother country Saudi Arabia.

This mega and luxurious 7 Stars hotels is just few minutes away from the Convention centre of Islamabad. It is located very near to the Prime Minister, President and the Parliament House. It means that it will be a best place for the foreigners and visitors. An easy and short access will be there for them which will save their precious time. It will also be a suitable place as for as the security is concern. Due to situated in the major location this will be the safest and secure hotel in the Islamabad.

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