The Beautiful Baith Village of Tilla Jogian in district Jhelum

Posted on Mar 21 2014 - 2:23pm by visitpak

Let us to take you to a lovely village of district Jhelum. On the foothills of Tilla Jogian you will find and old and beautiful village of Baith. It is also a gate way to the historical Tilla Jogian Mountain. Up above the hills there are allot of historical construction by Hindus including temples and residential areas.

There is a track to reach on the top of that mountain but only 4 by 4 vehicles can make that journey. There are few other ways to reach on the top of Tilla Jogian Mountain and all of them start from the Baith Village of District Jhelum. These paths are very hard and you can only travel by feet or on the back of camels or horses.

The Baith Village is visible from the miles away as you enter in this area from Domeli site or from the Rohtas Road’s side. This area is blessed with the coal mines and green trees on it. It is a type of jungle or forest where you can find many specious of reptiles, birds and few wild animals.

Due to geological position of Baith village you can get the aerial view of this site. Miles of area is visible from this location and spending a night here feels like a dream with close moon and the stars. Unfortunately we do not have any type of picnic spot, hotel or the restaurant over here but the local community is so much co-operative and friendly. On the other hands you may find a motel on the top of Tilla Jogian Mountain but you need to make an advance reservation for it.

There is Seismometer in the Baith Village which indicates and helps to get the measurements of earthquake. A beautiful Masjid is situated here which is almost 100 years old and renovated recently by the local community. This village is easily accessible from the main GT Road, Rohtas Fort and Domeli of district Jhelum. It is a best place to spend a whole day with family and friends but  you need to take your eatable and drinkable stuff with you as you may not get quality things here because it is the last village of this area on the feet of Tilla Jogian. The best time to go here is all winter season till the March. The Road situation is not very good and needs allot of improvements but it is not so bad for the vehicles. Local transport is also available from the Dina city but only 4 or 5 times are available to travel on them.