The Badshahi Mosque (Shahi Masjid) of Lahore

Posted on Oct 28 2012 - 1:24pm by visitpak

Right in front of the Emperor Fort of Lahore Badshahi Mosque exists. During few centuries it had the honor of being the Biggest Mosque of the world. Way back in the Mughal’s era King Aurangzeb built this structure in the year 1674. The Versailles of King Luis XIV of France was constructed in the same time. The construction of that Mosque was started in the year 1671.

In the South Asian region it is on the 2nd place (after the Shah Faisal Mosque of Islamabad) and in the World it is the 5th Biggest Mosque. It has many attractions for the tourists who visit the Lahore. It is surrounded by the four minarets of red granite, so as its floor. On the top, it contains two small and one large domes. All these domes were decorated with the white marble. These domes reflect the colors of sky.

The main prayer hall of the Badshahi Mosque could facilitate about 5,000 peoples in a single time. On the other hands nearly 95,000 worshipers could offer the prayers in its courtyard and balconies. While using its 22 step to enter in its premises you will see the tomb of great poet of east Dr. Allamah Iqbal. He was the man who gave the idea of Pakistan in his speech of Allabad.

This Mosque is a masterpiece of architect and reminds about the Mughal Empire. Exterior walls are also decorated with paintings and sculptures. A study room of eighty cells was also constructed in its premises but later on it was demolished by the British rulers.

As you pass the main gate at your right side you will find a little museum where the precious pieces of Quran Majeed (Holy Book of Muslims) could be finding with few belongings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The gates of Shahi Qilla and Shahi Mosque are right in front of each other while a small garden is situated in the center of them. This garden is known as the Hazuri Bagh which belongs to the Ranjit Sing, he also ruled over this area. Mughal king Aurangzaib used this place to talk with his army.

The Temple of Dera Sahib Panjvin Patshahi is also situated besides to this mosque. It is the shrine of Guru Arjan Dev; he was the 5th Sikh Guru. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the constructor of this temple.

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