The attractions, map and guide of Kashmir Point Murree

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In the summer season when it’s very hot outside, this place is a great gift from God. The environment of whole Murree city is awesome but Kashmir Point Murree is above of them all. It is key point in the attraction of this city and blessed with the highest altitude of this city. You could witness the Kashmir Mountains from this place that’s why it is known as the “Kashmir Point”.

It is the coolest point and gets more snow as compare with other parts of the city. The air comes directly from the Kashmir Mountains and makes this place more unique. This city has got more importance due to Capital city of Islamabad. Capital of Pakistan’s distance from this city is just a 45 minutes drive. You feel like a dream-land, while you travel from Islamabad to Murree.

There are three different ways to approach the Kashmir Point Murree:

1: Through Express way or Motorway:

If you are using the Express way or Motorway then you need to reach the Jhika Gali point at first. You can take turn towards Misyari turn to reach there and you can access this point via new Murree. New Murree Road and the Misyari turn both meet with Jhika Gali straight.

2: Highway or the old Road:

If you used the Kashmir Road or old Highway Road to reach the Murree (مری) then you also need to meet the Jhika Gali (جھیکاگلی) point at first. To reach the Jhika Gali from this way you need to pass the Sunny Bank Chowk (سنی بنک چوک) and then you need to take right turn from the next point of Kuldana (کلڈنہ). This road is known as the Ayubia (ایوبیہ) road while the next road is known as the Muzaffarabad road. Right turn from the Kuldana will lead you towards Jhika Gali.

3: Ghora Gali Road:

From the old Highway Road you can take a turn from the Ghora Gali (گھوڑا گلی). This way will lead you to the Kashmir Point. You will find a small zoo and the Lawrence College on this road.

Jhika Gali to Kashmir Point:

From Jhika you need to turn towards the By-Pass turn, here you find two more roads. The first one is the Lower Jhika Gali Road and the other is Upper Jhika Gali Road. Both of these roads end at your destination point of Kashmir Point Murree. Lower Jhika Gali Road is suggested for the new visitors and drivers as it is safer then the Upper Jhika Gali Road. The Governor house is situated on the upper road.

While travelling on the Lower Jhika Gali Road, you will find a point of View fourth; take right turn from this point. The View Fourth roads end at the Kashmir Point Murree. All these roads are two ways, so be careful while driving a vehicle. If you need some type of assistance then you may ask from the officer of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi. They are always there to help and guide you and you can find them on all the major points and Chowks.

Attractions of the Kashmir Point Murree:

  • Beautiful view of the Kashmir side
  • Jamia Masjid Masoomia (معصومیہ مسجد)
  • Food Park Murree
  • Bagha-e-Shaheedan (باغ شہیداں)
  • Water pools
  • Resting areas
  • Tuck shops
  • House of Mian Nawaz Sharif
  • Hotels
  • Pakistan Railways installations
  • Horses to ride
  • Local small train
  • Governor House Murree
  • Playing area for kids
  • Cadet College

At Kashmir Point Murree, you will find two more roads towards the GPO Chowk. 1st one is Hall Road and the 2nd is Bank Road, both these roads are one sided. You need to use the Hall road to reach the GPO Chowk from this point and if you want to come back then use the Bank Road to reach. Please keep in mind that one way violation may cost you so avoid it for your and others convenience.


The map of kashmir point murree

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