The Attock fort, history and images

Posted on Nov 8 2012 - 7:38am by visitpak

Attock fort or Attock Qila is situated just 80 kilometers away from the Islamabad. On the Indus River’s banks, it was constructed 500 year ago and Khawaja Shams ud din Khawafi was its supervisor. Attock is a city which is situated in the centre of Peshawar (the provincial capital of Khayber Pakhtun Kha province) and the Islamabad. This place is very near to the Afghanistan’s border.

The basic aim to build this structure was to defend against the Afghan warriors. The next territory belongs to the Afghans to Mughal Kings were well familiar with their aims. It was constructed to give the strength the Mughal Empire. Unfortunately this place is not available for the visitors because Pakistan Army fully holds it. So no visitor is allowed to go inside to it. It is just few kilometers away from the city of Attock.

It was Akber’s massive fort, with a circumference of about two and a half kilometers dates from the late sixteenth century when, because of trouble at Kabul. Akber established a base here and set up a colony of river men to man the ferries. Their village stands on the river bank below the fort.

When British came the strengthened the Attock fort and made the town the district headquarters and cantonment. It is still a strategic military installation for the Pakistan Army and visitors cannot enter it or take photographs. During the dry season Mughals crossed the river over a bridge of boats, which the British later anchored to piers on either side. Not long after this British engineers unsuccessfully attempted to bore a tunnel under the river. After this failed, they built a road and rail bridge in 1883 that served until the end of the 1970s when a new bridge was finished near the fort that saves precious minutes on the journey to Peshawar.

If you are approaching from Islamabad to Peshawar you can find Attock fort on the side of old GT Road. A latest highway replaced the old road though.

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