Tents on rent tradition for events in Pakistan & India

Posted on Oct 11 2012 - 6:50am by visitpak

Sometimes while walking in a street or place in Pakistan, you could find few events in the tents. The street could be blocked due to these events and you need use some alternative way. Yes it does happen in Pakistan and India due to lack of space at indoor many functions are arranged in the streets or some empty place. It could be a Mehndi, wedding, walima, funeral or any other family function. Many people are invited there so they required a big place to sit at.

Tents have a special importance in the culture and traditions of the Muslims specially the Arabs. Arab Bedouin were used this type of houses to live and still there is a large number of peoples who are using it as a living premises. In the wars the Muslim fighters and Chief used the tents for living purpose.

The trend of marriage halls are rising up in the country but it could charge you in thousands of Rupees. On the other hands this party could be arranged in the area of few square meters with the help of it. If one could not meet with the expenses of School ceremony, University events or wedding halls then this could be the best option. In this type of events you just need to install an entrance point and a security check is also required for it.

These tents are available on rent with different sizes and styles. It protects you from the Sunshine, rains and provides the privacy to your functions. It covers you from all four sides and from top as well. Different types of tents charge you different amount, one could select it according to his will and economical condition. It is the best solution for both poor and rich peoples and for the families.

The only problem with it is the installation, it covers the main area or street and few peoples may get affected. Normally it is used for a single of couple of day events. The providers install these stores on your behalf and as I told you earlier it cuts a street or road. It gives you a different and unique environment when you go into it. Most of you may already experience it, if yes than share it with us.

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