Tehsil of Taunsa Sharif history and the Daewoo Express Taunsa Sharif

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On the 29th of May, 2013 Sammi Daewoo Express Bus Service covered another destination. This time another route has been started from Taunsa Sharif (تونسہ شریف) to / from Lahore (لاہور). Taunsa Sharif is situated on the main Indus road and it is a Tehsil (تحصیل) of Dera Ghazi Khan (ڈھیرہ غازی خان) District of Punjab. Saraiki (سرائیکی) and the Baluchi (بلوچی) are the local languages of this area. The Tehsil of Taunsa Sharif contains 13 union councils in it.

History of Taunsa Sharif:

It is said that in the 16th century a man who belonged to Chicha family uses this place for living. His name was Makha Khan and he was a former, he also had some goats. Afterwards this place became populous and more peoples came here to live. Few other casts also joined the Chicha (چچہ) family which were, Bhutta (بھٹہ), Qureshi (قریشی), Khokar (کھوکر), Chaki (چاکی) and Syed (سید). Taunsa Sharif faced allots of hard time in its history but survived against it.

Tauns is a Hindi language word which means endless thrust. It is due to lack of water and greenery in this area of Sanghar. There was no symbol of water in the near or far of this area that’s why it was known as the Taunsa Sharif.

In the year 1797, Hazrar Khawaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (R.A) asked Hazrat Khawaja Shah Muhammad Suleman (سلیمان) to visit this place and live there. After his arrival this area received more population and become famous. After his arrival the peoples called Taunsa as the Taunsa Sharif (sacred).

Another famous place of this city is the Taunsa Barrage which is situated on the Great Indus River. It is few kilometre away from the main city and was completed in the year 1958. Taunsa Barrage is playing a major role in the development and in the cultivation sector of this area.

Daewoo Express Taunsa Sharif:

  • Daewoo Express has started its routine operation from Taunsa Sharif to Lahore via D.G. Khan, Multan and Sahiwal.
  • Fare from Taunsa Sharif to Lahore is Rs. 1,440 per head
  • Travel time is 8 hours and 45 minutes

Address of Daewoo Taunsa Sharif:

  • Near Green Land Restaurant
  • Contact: 064-2601444

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