Take a look on British Karachi with the old Karachi pictures

Posted on Dec 7 2012 - 7:17am by visitpak

The biggest sea port of Pakistan is situated on its South. It is Karachi, which was a small village once. It is another historical city of Pakistan just like Lahore and Multan. It is a deep water sea port and playing an important role for the economy of Pakistan. Let us take you to the British Karachi.

British stepped in the Karachi in the mid of 18th century, they transformed it into a great and modern city. Export and import activity boost in this city in British era. Most of its merchandise belonged to the province of five rivers, Punjab. The world’s largest canals system was constructed by the British rulers in Punjab Province. It was the key and major construction on this fertile land.

Karachi is a big seaport of the international level which exports the wheat throughout the world. Karachi is the city of immigrants just like the Islamabad. Karachi was the initial capital of Pakistan. Today we will take you to the British Karachi (the development of British rulers). Under this post you could explore the buildings of British era.

  • Municipality
  • Customs
  • Cathedral Catholic St. Patrick’s (Christian church)
  • The Empress market
  • Frere Hall
  • Institute of art of Sindh (S. C. College of Science)
  • Broad avenues
  • Clock tower (Merewether tower)
  • Clifton (popular beach)
  • Chatri (memorial)

Total western style was come into place in these buildings and structures. This was a big city that belonged to the Mughal rulers just like the Madras (Chennai), Calcutta (Kolkata) and Bombay (Mumbai). In these old images of British Karachi you could realize the planning of British rulers who tried to overcome the glory of Mughal rulers. These place looks like another London on the land.

British ruler made the building of Schools, Banks, hospitals, barracks and railway station in this huge city. Supreme Court of Singh and library of Central Bank is living examples of Roman and British style. Now take a look on these pictures and think about the past of this city.

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