Take a look at the history of British Lahore

Posted on Nov 26 2012 - 6:45am by visitpak

Today we will take you to the British city of Lahore. Mughal spent centuries in this city and tried hard to make it a grand city. It was one of their Capital cities. After the Mughal Kings, British rulers took the charge of this area and made many developments.

In the mid of 18th century British conquered this city and add it to their empire. They properly used this city like the other big cities of India and built new section and sectors. That was the initial time when constructions were made to the outside of the Mughal’s wall.

Lahore Cantt of British Lahore:

Lahore Cantonment was the first development of British rulers. This was the most important sector of the British Army. Cantonment was the place which was concerned with the military. Barracks were made for the officers and men with the training fields and offices etc. This was built on a very important place which was between the Pakistan and India. Cantt was its abbreviation and this area was known as Cantt area. Even today it has a very important geographical location. Old structures, trees and streets could be found in this area.

Civil Lines of British Lahore:

As the name defines it, it was a residential area for the civilian peoples just like the Rawalpindi. Local elite class used this area and made their bungalows. It was a lush green area of old Lahore.

Sadder of British Lahore:

Sadder was the header point of Lahore and its meaning in English language is “President”. This was a commercial area with allot of shops. All kinds of shops were available in commercial area of the Sadder.

Mall Road of British Lahore:

It was a long avenue of the city and it contained many public structures. This was named as a name in London. This name is repeated in many cities of British era. Almost every big city of that time has a mall road in it. Normally this mall road exists near to the Cantt area.

Under this post you could find several building of the English time. These pictures include the Lahore Museum, Government College University and Central Post Office. A huge architectural legacy of British could be found in Lahore. Take a detail look on the old pictures of Lahore city under this post. British mixed the Mughal and British styles in structures which is called as “Anglo-Mogol style”. Many examples of this style are still alive in the city of Lahore.

Here are the old pictures of Lahore city, in which you could find the Bank of Bengal, G.P.O or Central Post Office, English Club (Punjab Club), Supreme Court, PWD (Department of public works, Government college Lahore, Model School, Lahore Museum, University of Punjab (Senate  House), Nedus Hotel, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Tollinton Market, Town Hall and Anglican Cathedral.

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