Supermarket or Sector F-6 Markaz of Islamabad

Posted on Sep 27 2012 - 9:00am by visitpak

After making the Islamabad as the Capital of Pakistan, few markets and shopping malls were needed to build. In the 1970’s CDA urban development wing decided to develop a shopping side. So a Supermarket was come into existence in the sector F-6. It was distributed in four parts of market, public space, urban centre and community centre. It was started and finished in the 1970’s. Do not get confuse with the Jinnah Supermarket and the Supermarket. They are two different markets situated in two different sectors. Due to this bazaar F-6 sector is very famous in the Islamabad. The other big market is situated in the sector F-7 also known as F-7 Markaz.

The sector F-6 was established after the transfer of Capital from Karachi to Islamabad. The purpose was to provide the accommodation to the Government servants.  It is also known as Shalimar-6 in the Capital. In the centre of it there is a commercial place known as Supermarket. It is surrounded by the residential areas where home and embassies are situated.

In this place you could find many foreigners who seem interested in shopping. They like many products and stuff which is available here. Imported goods and products are available here with the locally produced things. All types of best quality products could be found here.

Besides the products you can enjoy traditional food and fast food in the F-6 Supermarket. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Luna Caprese (Seafood restaurant) are also situated in it.

If you want to reach over there you may take the guidance from the road signs. A map is also shared in this post to guide you. It is very easy to access in and you can purchase almost everything of your choice or requirement. Many famous brands could be found in this Bazaar. Take a visit over there and share your experience with us.

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