The Summer Trend of Layering Clothes

Posted on Jun 17 2016 - 12:14pm by visitpak

We all talk about accessorizing during summer and mastering the art of layering clothes for that extra warmth along with style in the winters. Layering and accessorizing are synonymous in terms of having a creative and fashionable look. But why can’t we do just that with our summer clothes?

When we mention layering clothes in summers, we imagine the winter clothing in a warm weather and we start to break out in sweat. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Women can make use of their pieces for summer to have a layered effect in their outfit. Admittedly not everyone is a pro in this regard. You have to learn and experiment in order to get it right. That is why layering clothes is an art that has to be on point in order to look chic and comfortable.  

Before you start putting on layers in the scorching heat, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know which will make you feel airy as well as have that layered feature in your outfit. It’s always good to start keeping in mind that you should always go with lightweight layers in summers otherwise you are going to sweat.

Start making good use of your camisoles and tank tops. They are the perfect garment which can be worn as one of the base layers. Their airy feature enables it to be used for layering purposes without breaking an extra sweat.

There are a thousand ways you can use your tank tops or camisoles for a summery layered effect. Pair these opaque sleeveless tops with sheer fabric crop top or even chiffon Kurti to accentuate that layered effect. Wear it under a crop top as well for an added detail just above your hips. You can also rock a camisole or a tank top with a cool checkered button down shirt that’s either with three quarter or full sleeves. This will give you the smart casual summer look that you are looking for.

Stoles don’t have to be used during the winters only. Make the most of your stole by wearing it over your shoulders on an adorable sleeveless top. It can be a perfect accessory to protect your skin from the sun rays or wear it on a chilly summer evening.

Talking about outerwear for the summer, the latest trend is the kimono. From floral prints to abstract ones to plain; all are in vogue. There are various types of kimonos available but you got to get the one with some fringe action going on. You will see fringes everywhere this year. They will add an extra flow and air to your garment.

Go for a structured blazer or a jacket of a cotton blend in a floral print over a silky fancy top. This will definitely give you the look of someone who just stepped out of a vogue magazine. Well-structured short denim jackets over a tank top can also do the trick of giving you a fashionably casual look.

Get the sleeveless-over-sleeveless trend going on this summer! Sleeveless lacy shrugs or boxy long vests that go down till your knees, is the way to go to get that cool airy layered outfit.

For those who don’t prefer to wear sleeveless can get those undershirts going. Use them to rock your sleeveless shirts that you have been keeping for the longest time or that top you have been crushing on but didn’t have the courage to get it.

These are some of the styling ideas you can use to come up with a layered outfit for the summer without compromising on your ventilation. There are a few outlets in Pakistan from where you can get tops to satisfy your fashion urge of having a layered effect in summers. International brands like Next and Quiz have good pieces that can be used. You can also order women’s tank tops, camisoles and even shrugs online from or and get the desired look. So what are you waiting for? Get prepped for the summer with a new you!