Streets and Mansions of Old Lahore

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 7:46am by visitpak

Lahore is old city of Pakistan and a very famous too. It got so much importance in the Mughal Empire. Today we are going share with you the old buildings and streets of Lahore. These were busy streets and specially designed mansions could also be found there.

Most of homes of old Lahore contain the Mughal art. There balconies were also decorated. The ventilation of air and lightening were not forgotten in those structures. The Mosques and markets were also the part of that society. The life was so busy and active in the street of old Lahore. Most mansions of that time are not present in current city. They could not survive and fell down but few are still standing. These old mansions tell us the glory of Mughal era.

Mughal had a lot of interest in the building so in the Lahore we can find many of them. All the remaining buildings are the national heritage of Pakistan. Government needs to save them for the future generations.

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