Street cricket and cricket fever in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 17 2012 - 8:09am by visitpak

On the 14th of August 1947 the British left the Pakistan but a British Game is still in the blood of Pakistani peoples. When you land on the soils of Pakistan you need to forget the football and few other games because this nation is crazy about the Cricket. Many other games played in it but the most important and discussed is the cricket fever.

It is becoming a matter of dignity and respect for the citizens. As I told you earlier few other games are also in practice but cricket is the most famous sport in this country. On the grounds, roofs and streets, it could be found anywhere. Everyone talks about the stars of Pakistan cricket team and big fan club follows their stars. Cricket matches are telecast live by the television channels.

Pakistan VS India is always a big match for the nation and everybody hopes the best for the team. On the other side of the border the situation is also same. If they win some big tournament or trophy then whole nation celebrate it. Cinema halls and hotels arrange the big screens for the telecast.

From last few year there were no international matches in Pakistan but recently a tour of world eleven is arranged in the city of Karachi. They will play two matches in that city. Sanath Jaye Suria (former Sri-Lankan captain) will lead the team of the World eleven. These matches could change is scenario and the doors of international cricket might be open after those matches.

All the youth of Pakistan love this sport. Here in Pakistan two versions of cricket are played. First one and most common is the tennis ball or tape ball cricket and the 2nd one is cricket ball or hard ball. Tape or tennis ball game could be found anywhere in the streets and local grounds but the hard ball is played on the well established grounds.

Sialkot is a city of Pakistan where the accessories of this game gets ready. It is the most famous city in the world for the making of quality cricket products. Local factories and home industries are situated in it who do this job. Cricket fever of this nation never falls down.

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