Sightseeing of Adyala Road Rawalpindi with guide and the Adiala Jail

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Adyala Road (اڈیالہ روڈ) leads you towards the old and famous prison of city the Adiala Jail. It is a developing site of Rawalpindi city and you could see allot of construction and housing schemes on this road. There are two ways to enter in this area which is Adyala Road.

You need to take a left turn from the Kacheri Chowk (کچری چوک) or the Nazar Chowk (نظر چوک) to reach over there. Threw Nazar Chowk you will reach on the Adyala Road by using the Fort Road. There is a small park near to Kacheri Chowk and then you reach at the Barki Chowk (برکی چوک) (old Tanga Chowk – ٹانگہ چوک ). This road leads you to the destination of Adyala; right at the start you will find few branches of Army Public School and college.

Tulsa Road and the Dheri Hasan Abad Road (ڈھیری حسن آباد روڈ) also meet to this road on the way. Askari 13 (عسکری ١٣) is a housing scheme of Pakistan Army is also situated on the same road. Khawja Corporation (خواجہ کارپوریشن) is the first Chowk which you will find on your way. Khawja Corporation connects this road to the School Road and the Defence Road. Dhama Syedan (دھاماں سیداں) and the Chungi No. 20 are two more places near the Khawja Corporation.

Dhoke Rajgan (ڈھوک راجگان) comes next to the Chungi No. 20 and it is also a developing site. You will witness the Wahdat colony at your right while Jarahi Bus Stop and the Janjua Town (جنجوعہ ٹاون) at your left side. Kehakshan Stop (کہکشاں اسٹاپ) and the Swiss CNG station are also situated here, than comes Sanjoli Street (سنجولی اسٹریٹ) along the Bilal Vilas (بلال ولاز). Rakhshanda Mosque (رخشندہ مسجد) is a famous Mosque of the area that is situated near to Bilal Vilas.

After passing the Kalyal (کلیال) CNG and petrol pump you will find the main gate of Gulshan Abad (گلشن آباد) housing scheme. Right after the Gulshan Abad there is a small village named as Kalyal. It is a small but old village of the Rawalpindi city. To reach the Adiala Jail  (اڈیالہ جیل)you should take this road straight.

Madina Town (مدینہ ٹاؤن), Samar Zar (سمرزار), Dhoke Paharian (ڈھوک پہاڑیاں) and another housing project of Khan Builders are also situated on the Adyala Road. Adyala PTCL exchange office is situated right after the Khan Builders. You will also find the Kalri (کلری) and the Dahgal village (دھگل گاؤں) on your way to Adiala Jail. Shahpur Syedan (شاہ پور سیداں), Babur Homes (بابر ہومز), Dahgal Hights, OGDC Town Adyala, Gulshan-e-Shamal (گلشن شمال), T and T colony and Garden villas are few more residential and under developing housing schemes of the area.

In Dahgal village, there is a shrine of Qibla Jalal Sahib Shaeed (R.A) (Nu Gaza Peer – نو گزہ پیر ). There is a grave in this shrine which is 27 feet long. Peoples from near and far comes here often to visit this shrine. A Mela festival is also arranges here on the annually basis.

Adiala Jail is situated right after the Dahgal village. It is one of the biggest jails in the country. All types of prisoner and terrorist are in its lockups. Adiala Jail is modern prison with all advance facilities along the medical and other necessaries.

Famous places that are situated near the Adyala Road:

  • Gorakh Pur (گورکھ پور )
  • Sasta Bazar Adyala (سستا بازار اڈیالہ )
  • Zaiqa Food (ذائقہ فوڈ)
  • 20 Number Chungi
  • Dhama Syedan (دھمان سیداں)
  • Khawja Corporation
  • Caltex Road
  • 502 Work Shop
  • COD Chowk
  • HBL Lal Kurti (لال کرتی)
  • Lal Kurti Bata Chowk
  • Family Ward Chowk
  • Harley Street Turn
  • Kalma Chowk (کلمہ چوک)
  • Tahli Mori Chowk (ٹاہلی موری چوک)
  • Tulsa Chowk (تلسہ چوک)
  • Dheri Hasan Abad (ڈھیری حسن آباد)
  • Chistia Masjid (چشتیہ مسجد)
  • Goraan Wali Masjid (گوراں والی مسجد)
  • Anwar-e-Madina Masjid (انور مدینہ مسجد)  (Kalma Chowk)
  • Rajgan Masjid (راجگان مسجد)
  • Humayun Road (ہمایوں روڈ)
  • St. Merry School
  • Mubarik Lane (مبارک لین )
  • Munawar Colony
  • Askari 7
  • Ali Town (علی ٹاؤن)
  • Hill Veiw
  • Landco Extension
  • Paharian (پہاڑیاں)


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