Sher Shah Suri the Lion of Afghanistan

Posted on Nov 21 2012 - 12:20pm by visitpak

Postage of sher shah suri was introduced once by the General Post Office of Pakistan. He was the lion of the Afghanistan (meanings of his name). He truly was a great warrior and the constructor of Rohtas Fort of district Jhelum. Imaginary picture was used on that stamp of Pakistan Post. He was a tall man of 7 plus feet height.

As the Mughal took the charge of India and Baber (tiger) was the ruler this man came from the crossroad. He wanted to capture the territories of Mughals Empire. Sher Shah Suri defeated the army of 2nd Mughal King Humayun. Humayun was the 2nd king and son of Akbar. He took the charge of few areas that belonged to the Mughals but for a short time. He ruled over there for just 5 year long from 1540 to 1545. He died very soon after those victories.

In his short time Sher Shah Suri showed very responsibility in the state’s matters. He introduced an effective management system for the provinces and laid the roads, taxes collection system was improved in his era. He introduced so many things related with state which was adopted by the Mughals in future.

The biggest achievement of Sher Shah Suri was the introduction of current currency of India and Pakistan the Rupee. He was the main who started to build a grand highway the GT Road (Grand Trunk Road). Later on Mughal completed it in this region. Currently the Grand Trunk of GT Road could be seen from the Bangladesh to the Afghanistan. This grand road crosses the soils of India and Pakistan. The Government of India and Pakistan have transformed this road into a latest and modern road (highway).

Near to this Grand Trunk or GT Road the Rohtas fort exists which reminds us the glory of Aghanistan’s lion, Sher Shah Suri. He ordered to build a fort which could be used against the Mughal forces. It was built for the defending purpose and also to take a hold on the GT Road. As we told you earlier that he ruled over this area for just 5 year and died because of his illness. Humayun the 2nd Mughal King conquered this territory again and it became the part of Mughal Empire.

Later on the Rohtas fort was used by the Mughals according to their need and requirements. It is said that Prime Minister of Mughal Empire Maan Singh got the order from the King to build a palace inside this fort. That palace still exists there which could seen and visited at any time. It could be the Haveli Maan Singh of Rohtas fort. The nick name of this legend was “lion”. The history tells us that once Sher Shah Suri killed a tiger with the bare hands. In Pakistan and India the peoples called Sher for both the lion and tiger.

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